Monday, July 25, 2011

Cutting Strips...

I've been cutting and sorting Civil War Repro strips for my Courthouse Steps quilt. I did this when I made my log cabin quilt and after I got them cut and sorted the piecing seemed to go so much faster for me. One good thing is that these stack up and don't take up that much room while I am not working on them.

This is still all that I have done on this quilt, but I do like it really well.
Anyway....I probably will not get too much sewing done this week. I have a busy week ahead.

* Tuesday ---- My aunt is coming out so that we can design some blocks and borders for a special quilt that she is making. She has the center done but that is it. I'll take some photos of it while she is here. Then Hunter has Readifest at school at 4pm and then Mom will be home tomorrow too!!!!

* Wednesday --- Working in the hay field!

* Thursday --- Working in the hay field!

* Friday --- Working in the hay field!

* Saturday --- Working in the hay field!

Here is the hay field that will be my workplace this week! LOL! The weatherman says it will be a little cooler ONLY in the mid 90's! UGH!

Yesterday we had some wonderful friends come to visit. Of course, Mark and Richard were outside most of the time but is gave me and Mitsie lots of time to catch up. I really enjoyed their visit! The funny thing is, when they got here I had her some of my homemade goat soap ready to give her and she pulled some wonderful smelling candles out of her purse that she had made. I forgot the scent of the brown one but I think she said the orange one was called fruit slice.
Have to sister is coming over to spend the night!!!! :)


Narelle said...

Looking good and the baskets are an excellent idea!

Yvette said...

You should be able to make a lot of blocks faster now that it is all organized.

Have fun with the hay. That's just too hot for me!

Honey Bear said...

Wish we were in the 90's. It was 106 here in our area of Texas today. I have lost count of how many days straight it has been over the 100 mark. Looks like the forcast calls for at least 10 more days of it with no rain in sight.

I think your quilt is just beautiful!! Don't know how you get everything you have to do done. Very energetic!

Julia said...

Love those baskets...perfect for the strips...Love your Courthouse's on my list to do...soon!
Julia ♥

Janet O. said...

What a great organizing idea! That quilt looks so nice.
You really do have a busy week ahead of you. Due to allergies, I escaped having to work in the hay fields while my husband and FIL were actively farming. FIL is gone now and DH and BIL only do the irrigating for farmers that rent the fields from them.
Have a safe week in the hay and keep hydrated!

Connie said...

Sometimes it is fun to just cut! I hope you don't get overheated in the hay fields, it is terribly hot here.