Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More sewing...

Richard has been busy cutting hay, it is sooooo hot! I've been back and forth, he usually doesn't want me out there unless he needs my help because he says it is just too hot for me.....awwww... Anyway, I will have to be out there the next few days, because he will be raking and baling it, then loading it. But it all has to be done, I'm just thankful that we have hay to cut. Hunter had been out watching his daddy cut the hay. That bunch of trees there on the left in the photo is actually an old building/cabin that is falling down.

Hunter was waiting for me to take a ride so that we could cool off. Don't worry he was not riding it by himself and he does wear a helmet. :)
I had a small gift certificate from Connecting Threads and used it to buy a few spools of threads and a couple of downloadable patterns. I really do like their thread, it is a little linty but not too bad. It is on sale right now for $1.74 a spool until August 15th. I plan on trying to order several more spools.Between everything else I did get to sew 20 more Courthouse Steps. This makes me 40 of them right now. This is not even a third of what I would like to have to make the quilt. I just hope that I can stay interested in making that many. LOL! I think my log cabin quilt has 144 blocks in it and they actually seemed to go fairly fast considering the size of them.
I'm hoping that we can get a break in this heat so that I can get upstairs and get back to quilting on my frame. I have several that needs to be done. Well I had better get off of here, I need to finish supper and get the milking done.



Yvette said...

The blocks are coming along nicely! Keep it up, before you know it you will have the right amount.

Richard is the hardest working man! You are really lucky.

Narelle said...

Are your Court House blocks quilted as you go?
They're lovely fabrics.

Texan said...

yes I plan on ordering thread as well before that sale ends! I like that thread too. I agree its a tad linty but over all its good. It doesnt break on the Bailey :O). Plus I use it for piecing and just general sewing. Hard to beat 1.74 for a spool with that many yards!

Connie said...

That is a great stack of log cabin blocks. I have bought fabric from Connecting Threads but no thread yet, thank for your comments on it. That is sweet that Hunter was going to take you for a ride, we used to have one when we lived in the country. Beautiful hay field.

Guðrún said...

I heard it on the news here that you had a heat wave, I hope it has cooled down.