Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Change of plans...

I had plans to start quilting a quilt top that belongs to my aunt. She made this quilt for her boss. She works on a boat just like my mom does but for a different company. She didn't have a pattern and designed it herself. I think she did a wonderful job. You should see all of the detail on that boat close up. She had brought me a king size white bed sheet to use as the backing. I know that some people don't like using them but my machine doesn't have a problem with them and I use them most of the time for my own quilts. So I get this king size sheet pinned on the frame and start pinning on the quilt top.....the quilt top is LARGER than the backing! :( This quilt is HUGE!

So my plan is to pick up some backing fabric for it this weekend while we are out picking up stuff for the house. I didn't really want to take that backing off of the frame after all of that pinning that I had done getting it on there. So.......since this is my aunt and I explained to her what was going on, I decided to use that backing for myself and buy hers this weekend. It all equals out in the end anyway.

At last count I still had 34 quilt tops of my own that needed to be quilted, so I just dug out one that needed a king size white backing. This one is called, "Country Wife" I made it several years ago, as you can probably tell by the fabrics used. It is probably 6-8 years old, but I added that border on sometime last year or so. I got this pattern out of a quilt magazine, not sure which one it was since it has been so long. This one measures 96x96.
I'll so more of the quilt after I get it off of the frame. This was not my original choice for a quilting design but I am in a little bit of a hurry to get it done and off of the frame so that I can get hers back on and quilted. After all of the pinning and unpinning that I did today, I only ended up getting about two passes with the machine quilted on it.

I had planned on just using a white cotton thread from Connecting Threads. I have used it several times and not had a problem with it but for some reason I think my machine was being hormonal today! LOL! It didn't like this thread! It kept breaking, skipping and I even broke a needle. So in the end I changed thread and bobbin. I switched to white Bottom Line for the top thread and bobbin, it worked GREAT! I quilted those two passes with no problems at all.

Nothing done on the house today. :( I cleaned house and worked on this quilting stuff. Richard had clinicals so those are his late days. By the time he got home, he changed clothes, ate supper and is still doing home work. He has clinicals again tomorrow so he probably will not have time to do anything when he gets home then either. But that is okay, the weekend is coming up and we hope to get a ton of stuff done!


QuiltedSimple said...

I love that quilt you are you ever sell your quilts? Hope you get to work on the house some!

Regina said...

Bigger than a king sized???? WOWWWWWWWEEEE!!!

Coloradolady said...

That is

Janet O. said...

Just looking at the photo, that quilt didn't seem like it could be that big. WOW! And your aunt did an amazing job designing it.
Well, your pile of tops is diminishing. That is a positive, isn't it? Looks like a pretty quilt.

Libby said...

That is one big and beautiful quilt! I am in awe that she did that without a pattern! Has she always been a quilter?
I want to see more of your quilt when you are done..looks like a beauty!

Rhonda said...

Your aunt's quilt is unique and will be a great gift to her boss.

jillquilts said...

Your aunt's quilt must be HUGE!! Love the boat!