Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A little Donkey time...

It has been a week since my last post. Not a lot of quilting going on but lots of other work. I have put up so much fresh corn and green beans that I could cry! I am extremely thankful for having it but it is also a lot of work and rather messy.

I have also been doing a little bit of packing, as you can see here. Now I just need to find more boxes. My house is a wreck!! Just don't feel like cleaning too much, with all of this rain just makes me stiff and my hips and legs ache.

If you have read my blog for a while you know how much that Hunter hates school....right? Every morning it is a fight just trying to get him up to go. I have a horrible time trying to get him to do his homework and he is constantly begging me to home school him because he just doesn't want to go. He loves his friends but just doesn't like school work! Every evening when we are doing homework, he complains about it the whole time and swears that he doesn't understand it and doesn't know how to do it. I guess you get the idea....right?

So this morning around 11am, the phone rang and the caller ID had his school's name on it. So I'm thinking....he is sick. The lady on the other end introduced herself and said she was the "special education" teacher at his school. So I'm thinking...."OH CRAP!" Not that there is anything wrong with it and if I thought Hunter needed extra help I would gladly welcome it. But I have always thought in Hunter's case he was just being lazy. So she begins to explain the reason for the phone call......something about "rank 1", "graduate school" and a "masters degree" and that she needed to conduct a case study for HER EDUCATION. So I'm listening to all that she has to say. And she needs to conduct a case study and they need to be the same gender, same age, and same class. She will study their habits, hobbies and stuff like that and see how it affects how they learn and stuff. She said she needed a "high functioning male" and a "low functioning male" to conduct this study. So you know at this point what I am thinking....then she goes on to say something about Hunter being an extremely high functioning male. And I am like "EXCUSE ME?" LOL! I started to explain to her what a hard time that I have with him about school in general. She laughed and told me that he was "playing me" :( She said that his scores showed that he was the highest scoring male in his grade level at his school! Imagine my surprise!! LOL! I am always proud of my children and all that I expect is for them to do their best. So now this little guy has some explaining to do when he gets home.... Here I thought he was struggling. hmmm....

Oh and I must add that if we agree to this, at no time will these children be studied together at the same time and they will not know how the other one is doing or even if they are the high functioning or low functioning student. That is one thing that I asked about, if Hunter was the low functioning male I would not want it thrown in his face and made to feel bad. I don't expect my kids to be perfect and I know that each one of them are completely different. Even if Hunter is doing that well, I still believe that he does struggle with it. And if we do agree to this, if at anytime one of the parents or students want to stop, it will stop instantly. She will be sending lots of papers about it for us to read. I don't know who the other student is and neither will Hunter but she said that the parent and boy seem to be very excited about it all. So we will read all the paper work before we make any decisions.

Now on to some "Donkey Time" He doesn't go outside now because he has glaucoma and I'm just afraid that something might happen to him out there in the big world. LOL! So now he just stays in and is getting extremely fat and lazy! Here he is trying to get cozy in my bucket of beans.

I swear there is a sewing machine under there! LOL! I had it apart cleaning and oiling everything, took a break and this is what I saw when I started back to it.

Here he his still holding that sewing machine down and toying with a seam ripper.
And last but not least.....he is watching me getting his food ready! Silly cat!Now I guess I had better get my butt in gear and get some stuff done. I have a long day tomorrow.....grocery shopping, mailing a bunch of packages, and picking up a load of horse feed.



Yvette said...

What great news about Hunter!

OK, I love Donkey pics. Very cute. My cat doesn't go outside, I am too afraid something will happen to her. Does Festus still come around?

Libby said...

It is always good to hear from you! It does sound like Hunter might be playing you!! That just goes to prove how smart he is;) He got one by Mommy!
I love that Donkey!

Saska said...

Great news about Hunter. My oldest was in one of those studies too. Can't remember what they did with the results...that was a long time ago.
Send some of your humidity and moisture our way? We're still so dry.
Such a crazy cat.

julieQ said...

Donkey is such a darling boy!! Take it easy on the unpacking...just a little at a time!!

Floss said...

Kids alway play their Mom, but its nice to hear hes doing better than you thought.
Poor Donkey, having all this time on his hands. lol

Me and My Stitches said...

Can't wait to hear more about Hunter and school - too funny - guess he fooled you! I love Donkey - those are all such cute pictures.

Janet O. said...

I was following your line of reasoning all through the phone call from the school. Who would have guessed?
Sometimes the brightest kids are the most bored by school.
Donkey is a hoot! I love the "draped over the sewing machine" photo. And the green beans--did they seem like a new kind of kitty litter?
I've been freezing corn and making jam. Too much to do this time of year--and packing up besides? Yikes!

Regina said...

Sounds interesting -and being a parent of a "player" I am laughing!!! Donkey is a riot!