Monday, September 26, 2011

Top Completed!

I was lazy all day today! :( It was one of those days that I just could not get myself going. I think I was just still tired from the weekend. I did get a couple loads of laundry finished but I started cleaning house like a mad woman when it was time for Richard to get home from school. LOL! Not that he would say anything anyway, he knows that I stay busy all day.

I mentioned earlier that I needed to move some stuff away from my frame so that I could finish my big quilt, but I didn't even get upstairs to the sweat shop today. It is such a mess since we were working on the ceiling up there. But I did get this baby top finished! These colors are really bright and way out of my comfy zone! I need to get my quilt off of the frame and get this one and a couple of other customer quilts quilted real soon.
I had bought a blue backing but now that it is together I think I will use a lime green backing and quilt it with lime green thread. Do you think that would look okay? I also need to decide on a quilting design. I want something simple but maybe something geometric, I don't really know I will have to think about that a little more.
Richard and Hunter had homework this evening so nothing was really done in the house. Actually, Richard was outside feeding the horses and yelled for me. I went outside and he took me in the house to show me that he had moved the new stove over on the concrete pad that he had poured a few days ago. It looked great but I'm afraid that he will pay for it later. It took 4 men to carry that stove in the house on Saturday and then he picks it up this evening by himself and carries it over and puts it in place! Shame on him! :( I love him so much but I really have to stay on to him about silly stuff like that.

I guess that is all for tonight! Hopefully tomorrow I can get my big quilt off of the frame early and get started on some of these others.


Janet O. said...

Those aren't my colors, either, but it will make a great baby quilt--lots of visual stimulation!
I think the lime green would look good, for whatever my vote is worth. : )

vtquilter said...

What a great baby quilt! I messed up my YBR quilt to my niece too.... it makes it unique.

Libby said...

It looks great! Lucky Baby!

Regina said...

Love it - I think the lime will go great!

Michelle said...

That turned out great! You did a good job of pulling the colors together.