Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Making Progress...

I am making some progress on the quilts! I must say it feels great to see the pile getting smaller. First let me show you the $1 fat quarters that I picked up at the quilt shop! I ended up getting 20 of them. A few of them I already had but I got them anyway. I was very pleased with them.

I just loved this one. I'm not even sure of the fabric line. I'll have to check to see if she has this on a bolt, because I would like to have some yardage of this.
On to the machine quilting....Here is a lap quilt that I quilted for a lady. She wanted a WVU lap quilt and pillows so I had to order the WVU fabric online and she just wanted a border sewn on it. I also made to 16" pillows but they are out in the house and I'm not. LOL! I'll try to get a photo of them tomorrow if I can think of it. I am still working on the binding on this one. I quilted it with a panto called "Happy Times" and I used navy Signature thread on top and the bobbin.
Here is one that I quilted today. I had a guy that we know wanted a quilt for his wife. He came over and we found this quilt top that I had made several years ago. He looked through a bunch of them but this is the one that he picked out. I priced it and he didn't hesitate. Actually this is one that I wanted to keep for myself but money talks right now. LOL! I didn't have a pattern, I just pieced a bunch of blocks, I think they might be 8 inches, then I added the pieced border. It still wasn't big enough for what I wanted so last year I added the outer border. Here is the back of it. I used a panto called "Verdant" I've used that on several lately and really like it. I also used a med/light brown Madeira thread. I also need to do the binding on it too. Giggle....he wants me to wrap it for him too. :)I have the backing of my next quilt loaded on the frame and I will load the top and batting in the morning. I'm tired... Anyway, I have 2 more to finish before Christmas!! But.....as of right now I have 10 customer quilts waiting to be quilted AFTER Christmas. I've told everyone that I need a couple of weeks after Christmas to relax first. Well, I won't be able to relax, I've got to MOVE! LOL!

A few nights ago I was packing up some of the quilting stuff and ran on to these Courthouse Step blocks. I really want to finish this top. It has a total of 224--6 inch blocks. I have most of it sewn together, actually I have it sewn in 4 sections so it would only take me a few minutes have it done. When I do get it sewn together I will see then if I want to add a border or not. That's all for tonight....I'm off to do some laundry! :(



Janet O. said...

Kristie, I am glad you treated yourself to a bunch of $1 FQs! They are beautiful.
Nice quilt you are giving up for the man to give his wife. Just tell yourself it was really the Courthouse Steps quilt you wanted anyway (I know--you really wanted both!). Those are beautiful blocks.
Good idea to take a break from quilting after Christmas and give yourself a chance to rest (as in moving, yeah, right).

lil red hen said...

See, you're gonna make it after all!! The man made a perfect choice for his wife's gift. Those are beautiful colors.

I'm making aprons for gifts; waiting for fabrics for four more. I may be rushed to get them made.

bernie said...

I see you are moving right along on those quilts! Nice choice in fat quarters, what a good deal. Bernie

Honey Bear said...

Beautiful, beautiful work. We are trying to get the last of our family Christmas quilts done. I hate waiting until the last minute but have done it again.

Saska said...

I love all of your FQ's! Am trying to get caught up on blog reading. Looks like you've been going a lot..and a lot more!

Just take one day at a time, and you'll make it. You have a wonderful family to help you thru it all. Wish I lived closer cause I'd sure come help!