Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The pile is getting a little smaller...

Time is slipping away and I am trying to get everything done. I'm packing a few things up as I take breaks from quilting. Just trying to keep the laundry and dishes done is a huge task for me right now. Here is a photo that I took yesterday morning, the sky was soooo pretty. As you can see I have been getting up super early and when I took this photo I had already been up about an hour.

Here are a few quilts that I have done the past couple of days...

Here are TWO exact same quilts! These are two customer quilts and I must say that even though they are made from a very simple pattern they are very lovely! I just love the fabrics used in them, such warm tones. It seemed like it took me forever to quilt them since they were both exactly alike. I quilted them both with a design called Verdant. I love using this design. I also used a medium brown Bottom Line thread in the top and bobbin.

Here is a closeup of the fabrics and you can also see that the backing was pretty too.

This is a quilt that I pieced for a customer in the colors that she requested. I hope she likes it. I still have to sew the binding on and bury a few threads and it will be ready to deliver. The fabric is actually a barn/country red with tiny cream stars on it. I picked it up from Hobby Lobby. I quilted it with a simple design called Happy Times.
I still have several more to go! But at least the pile is getting smaller. I'm not even sure how many more I have to go. I've finished the quilting on several and also added a few more to the pile. I know I have a couple of big ones coming up in the next few.

Not a lot of progress on the house the past few days. I'm too busy with the quilts and just the job of being a wife and mother to get much done. Richard has his final exams this week, so he is spending every minute studying.

I have a doctor appointment in the morning and then have a few errands to do. That will take up most of my day. I'm hoping that I can at least get another quilt loaded on the frame and work on some binding or something.

That's all for now....I'll leave you with a photo that I found on my camera that Hunter must have taken a few days ago..... I just love seeing the world from his eyes.... LOL! He loves to play at the base of this big tree in our yard. Have a wonderful evening.... ~Kristie


Texan said...

As always your quilting is just wonderful! You do such a great job girly!!

I am sure Richard will do great on his finals! I send the best of energy to him for that!

Lurline said...

Great pic - lovely Post!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Janet O. said...

Beautiful sunrise photo!
Your quilting is lovely--so much to do, but it all looks great to me. Hang in there, Kristie. This, too, shall pass. : )

jillquilts said...

Great job on making progress! I am doing the same here... :)

lil red hen said...

You're making a lot of progress! All of your hard work is so pretty.