Friday, October 5, 2012

Getting myself in trouble!

 These sleepless nights are going to get me in trouble.  LATE last night I was wide awake and started messing around in EQ.  That's were it starts...  Anyway, I played around with several blocks and layouts and then ran on to the Rocky Road to Kansas block.  I know it is an old block and I've seen it a million times but for some reason last night it really stuck out to me.  

Then I went upstairs and dug out my scrap bins.  

I kept telling myself that I could NOT start something new!  Then I also telling myself that I had been so good lately and finished several UFO's and even quilted 2 quilt tops.  Hehehehe!  

Then I thought that maybe I would just try one block....I pulled out my old Featherweight, cleaned her up and started sewing.  BTW...the old girl just turned 79 yrs old on Oct, 3rd.  She was made in 1933.  I bought her at a thrift store for $5 and she sews like a dream.  
I only ended up making one block but it sure was fun.  First, I thought I would use a single background fabric, which you can see in the top left corner, but then I decided against it because it actually has some little lines in it making it directional and I don't want to fight with that all through the quilt.  In the end I decided to just use neutral scraps for the background.  
As I said, I only made one block, but I have tons of scraps and strings pulled for more!  Oh, and I also appliqued another basket block.  
Never fear, I am still going to finish up my Green Scrappy Bargello also.  I actually pieced more blocks for it yesterday, but need to press them.  
After finishing the quilting on my two quilts I had planned on loading another one of mine, but a friend of mine called and asked about me quilting a quilt for her.  She wants to give it as a gift to her daughter.  So I loaded it on and I have started the quilting on it but it is a large quilt and the panto that I am using takes a while to quilt.   As you can see it is leaves and I thought a "leaf" quilting design would look nice with it, but she wanted the flowers.  Hey, it's not my quilt so I just quilt it how she wants.  This quilt reminds me of one that my mom made for me back around 1993/1994.  I still have it and love it.  It was this same pattern.  Speaking of mom, she got in last night around 11pm.  So I have her home for 28 days!  YAY!  
Don't you just love to watch your children sleep?  Hunter was cuddled up on the couch napping the other day and I just kept walking by stealing kisses.  
I'm off to do some housework and then back to sewing!!!


Terry said...

That's another great scrap block! I'm still loving those green blocks too! :0)

Deb said...

My goodness you have been busy! Love your scrappy 'new' quilt. I might have to do something like that next year to start clearing out more scraps..... they seem to multiply like bunnies when I am not looking =).
My kids crack me up while sleeping - one never uses a pillow and has tons of covers on him. The other uses 2 pillows and is alway uncovered and is laying in a different direction in a different part of her bed every time I check on her.

Karin said...

How can such a pretty block be trouble? Look at all of those wonderful scraps! And as for watching children sleep - I love it! Since our boy hasn't been home since Jan 2, you can bet I am watching him sleep.

Janet O. said...

I love that new scrap block. I can understand why you were drawn to it.
Sleeping kids are so precious. You forget any trouble they might have caused when they lie there so peaceful and innocent. : )

Yvette said...

Anything scrappy makes me happy. Have you seen the new American Patchwork and quilting magazine? I want to do the scrappy quilt on the cover. I just LOVE it.

Don't feel guilty about starting something new. It's not like you went out and bought fabric for it.

scraphappy said...

Starting something that uses up scraps isn't the same as going out and buying fabric for a new quilt. It is a great looking block. Hope it turns into a great quilt.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow $5 for a Featherweight is unbelievable!! What a deal. But what a great little machine. I have one, and just last week bought a Singer 66-16 with the larger harp opening. I need to clean it up and see if I can do some machine quilting.

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

The blocks are very pretty!