Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Quilt Progress...

 I don't have a design wall this morning to show you because I took it down to paint.  BTW...I still haven't painted yet.  :)  I have been sewing but I only have bits and pieces of things to show.  

First are my blue/white HST's that I know have pieced into sets of 4.  I think there are 240-4 patch sets here that need to be clipped apart and pressed.  I'll get to them as I can.  I'm not in a big hurry to get this one done, just something to work on a little at a time.  
I got this little quilt off of the frame yesterday.  Nothing fancy just a big piece of the purple with a border sewn around it.  After I get the binding on it I plan on giving it to my niece and nephews before Halloween.  
I also got 6 pillowcases finished.  I still have 5 more cut and ready.  After I get those other 5 done I will pull more fabric for a few more.  Remember if you plan on sending some to donate to, "For Jamie's Sake" the deadline is October 31.  You can click on the tab at the top of my blog for more details.  
In my last post I showed you the new cutting table that Richard had made for me and how I had changed around my sewing room.  Here is a photo of it that I took yesterday.  It is already getting a little messy!  I had been cutting and sewing and Hunter had been up there playing with his Star Wars.  Shortly after this photo I cleaned it back up just so that I could mess it back up today!  LOL!

In the corner of the photo you can see my old cutting table.  It's the round kitchen table in the right of the photo.  I moved it over there for now until I can figure out what to do with it.  I will probably end up moving it out of the house and into storage.  Right now I am using it as my pressing table and I also have some "works in progress" on it.  
 Here is a closeup photo.  For right now it is working for me but I will soon need to move it when I put my design wall back up on that wall behind it.  I have my little ironing board, several pillowcases, a basket with some pot holders that need binding and Hunter's Hotwheels panel that needs a border, and a little tub that has my Green Scrappy Bargello pieces stored in it.  
 I guess that is all of this morning.  I have plans this morning to head upstairs and SEW!!!  I want to load another quilt top on the frame and get it started and maybe work on some pillowcases or my Green Scrappy Bargello.  First I have to head outside to get some "farm" stuff done before the heavy rains set in for the day.


Janet O. said...

I had to smile at your comment about the first project just being something to work on a little at a time. You have your basket quilt in that category too, don't you? Just how many "little at a time" projects do you have? Like I can talk! I don't even want to count mine. : )

Michelle said...

What a great cutting table! Just the right height. So nice of hubby to make it for you! :)