Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My machine has been humming!

 I have a little more progress to show you!  First off, I got another quilt top quilted!  This was not one that I made but this quilt top was given to my by a friend of my mother's.  This was her first attempt at quilting and she said, "quilting wasn't for her"  My intentions were to quilt this and give it back to her but she doesn't want it.  LOL!  You can tell that it has been pieced several years ago, just look at the fabrics.  It is not a big quilt, only measuring 52" square.  She actually did a great job on the piecing.  
 I used a new quilting design on it that I had not tried before.  It is called, "Dazzle"  I really liked how easy that it was.  You can see the quilting on the back here.  She also sent the backing and binding fabric along with the quilt top.  
 Here are the two quilts that I have quilted over the past week or so.  I have the bindings cut for both of them and will work on getting those sewn on shortly.  I love working on binding while sitting in front of the fire on cool nights.  Speaking of fire, we have had to build a few fires over the past week, it got down pretty cool here during the nights.  We've had a warm couple of days but we are supposed to have another cool spell in the few days.  
 I also managed to finish another little basket.  I have several more prepped and ready for applique in my basket beside the sofa.  I love working on these.  I'm not sure how many of them that I have finished but I will have to check as I put this one away.  
 Thanks to Janet, I have enough green strips to finish up my Green Scrappy Bargello.  I got all of the strip sets sewn together, now to press them and subcut them.  Once this is finished it should measure out to be a large queen.  
My sewing plans for the next few day are to work on this Green Bargello, sew a few pillowcases, load another small quilt on the frame, and piece the two latest Barbara Brackman's blocks.  Wish me luck!  

Hunter and I have been making plans!  He asked if he could have a little Halloween Bash with a few of his friends.  So he is planning to invite about 6 of his closest buddies.  Can you imagine what fun I will have with about 7, 10yr old boys?  Wow!  Anyway, we have to plan his little bash on a low budget, so we are planning a few outside games, Richard is going to build a campfire so that he can sit around with them and tell some ghost stories.  Oh and he wants to stay up late and watch some scary movies.  I'll have to check and see what I can find that is scary but age appropriate.  I'll make a few snacks and I'm sure they will spend the rest of the evening playing PS3 and such.  Did I mention that all 7 of them will be spending the night?  :(  He is very excited and that makes me happy.


Dirt Road Quilter said...

I love that Dazzle quilting pattern - very pretty and another quilt complete! How very generous of Janet - those pretty green strips will be marvelous in your top!
Hunter's gathering with friends sounds like such fun - I miss those days! I loved being the house where they all gathered. We always had the kids' friends over and once everyone began to drive, no one minded driving 30 miles. There was always room for one more.

Chocolate Cat said...

You have been busy! Hunters gathering sounds like fun!

Deb said...

Such a pretty quilt and wonderful quilting. Sounds like you have a busy week planned.
I'm sure the kids will have a great time just playing outside doing some treasure hunts and the bonfire. Hot dogs cooked on sticks over the fire and popcorn for the movie - low budget fun! Enjoy.
Planning to do up one more pillowcase for 5 total and will ship out to you tomorrow =).

Yvette said...

I think the quilt turned out great, too bad she didn't get into the craft. I am surprised she didn't at least want to keep her project.