Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our fun weekend...

 Over the weekend we picked up a Jeep.  We drove a couple of hours to pick it up and on the way back home we took a different route home and had a little fun day for Hunter. 
 We started off at Fort Boonesborough, KY.  It is the fort that was built by Daniel Boone and his party.  You can read about the history of it here.  Both of my boys love history so Hunter really enjoyed it.  Andrew had to work but he had a school trip here.
 Inside the fort...we got to watch several demonstrations such as soap, candles, shoemaking, weaving, gunsmithing, and several others. 
 Luckily they were having a reenactment that day too. 
 After that we headed on to Natural Bridge State Park.  It is beautiful there.  This photo was taken underneath the rock bridge.
 This is the view from the top...
A few from the skylift near the top of the mountain.  Let me tell you that skylift is horrible...it takes you up the side of that mountain and I'm afraid of heights.  LOL! 
 Anyway we had a wonderful time but we were very tired by the end of the day. 

Another long day today, Hunter has 2 doctor appointments today both of them are for his feet.  One of them is for his inserts....$400 inserts and he can't stand to wear them at all.  So I'm not sure what will happen there.  The other appointment is for his growth plate issues in his foot.  


Melanie said...

Wow those photos are great. It looks like you had lots of fun. I hope Hunter gets used to his inserts soon. Have a wonderful week. Melanie xxx

Janet O. said...

Glad you found a vehicle to meet your needs--looks like a fun day!
I have those $400 inserts for my feet, too. Initially they hurt my feet terribly after just a little bit of wear. Finally called the Dr. office and they said they aren't supposed to hurt like that. Got them adjusted and now I don't mind wearing them.
Hope they do him some good!

The Rabbit Factory said...

Next time I'm in the area I will go to the Natural Bridge...thanks for sharing!