Tuesday, July 9, 2013


 I still haven't found my sashing strips for my Star Gazing quilt and I really don't want to cut out more when I don't have to.  I'll have to make one last dig up there in the sweat shop tomorrow.  So night before last I cut out a few strips of the navy and cream fabric and tried this.  I just have a few of them up on the design wall but what do you think so far? 
A very fast and simple design.  Not sure how big I will make this one, but I like how it is going together so far.  I didn't work on it yesterday or today.

Yesterday was a LONG day!  UGH!  Our truck croaked!  So now on the hunt for something else.  The ole girl kicked the bucket with over 200,000 miles on her, so I guess I shouldn't complain but let's just say I am very stressed over it.  The timing was not good but is it ever a good time for that to happen?    :(  I guess that's enough talking and complaining about it. 

Look what we will be having for supper tomorrow, if I can keep Hunter out of them.  He keeps eating them raw and the poor child will not eat them cooked.
No rain her today, thank goodness.  I'm so sick of rain.  It has been hot and humid, just ask Andrew, he has been cleaning out the horse stall.  Hehehehe!  He smells like horse poo, but I love him anyway, nothing a shower can't take care of. 

Hopefully I'll have more quilt stuff to show next time.


Janet O. said...

I love blue/white quilts, and that design looks so crisp and clean in those colors.
So sorry to hear about the truck. Seems there is always a critical need when a vehicle gives up on us.

Yvette said...

The zig zag looks great.
I am with Hunter. Raw is the way to go!

Regina said...

I like the zig - I had done one scrappy but I like the 2 colors.