Monday, October 6, 2014

Quilting progress...

 I got the turtle quilt quilted  several days ago and love how it turned out.  A dear friend of mine picked this pattern out as a gift for her 1st great grandson.  She was very pleased with the final result. 
 Another friend of mine saw the quilt and wants me to make one for her too.  She is also giving it as a gift.  She wants it to look as close to this one as I can get it.  So expect to see another one on my blog soon.
 I also made 4 burp cloths.  My sister's best friend is having a baby in December and her shower is this weekend.  I plan on giving her 2 baby quilts and 4 burp cloths.  She is having a little girl.  :)  I have one of the quilts completed as it only needed binding and the other is in the process of being quilted.  I will post photos of them soon. 
 I also made a Fall arrangement for my front door.  :)  As you can see I used an old horse collar and just some things that I had already here. 
 Since the weather is cooling off we picked what was left in the garden.  Temps got down into the 30's the other night with scattered frost. 
 Today was Richard's first day at his new job!  He is still staying PRN at his old job too.  Today was just a bunch of HR stuff.  Andrew also had a very important job interview this morning.  It will be a few weeks before he hears anything about it.  

I will post more quilt photos as I get them finished.  


Janet O. said...

That is a very cute turtle quilt. : )
How clever of you to create that door decor with what was at hand. It looks great!
Wish my peppers had produced like that.

debbie said...

Awww, love the turtle quilt! So cute! xx Debbie

Deb A said...

Ok - now I want jalipeno poppers! Great garden yields. Love that turtle. Have fun making the next one.

Angie said...

That turtle quilt is the cutest thing ever. I've not seen this pattern before. Is it one you designed? It is adorable. :)

Anonymous said...

Great turtle quilt!