Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Getting close...

 Here is a photo of my hexie units back in February.  I have pieced many more since then.  I actually have around 200 of them now.  These are 1.5" hexies.
 I decided to spread them out on my bed to see how close that I was to covering it.  You can see in the photo below that I am pretty close.  There is still a stack that I did not lay out and I figure that I will have to piece a few more for the sides and such but I am getting close to having enough.  I think I will start piecing these together in larger units. 
 Hunter's school photo.  I love this photo!  :)  It's hard to believe that he is almost finished with 7th grade. 
 He only has a few more weeks of school left with lots of things going on at school.  He also has several appointments that I am trying to schedule around all of that.  He has to go back to the ear specialist and that can not wait until after school is out for the year.  Poor child can barely hear out of either ear so he has to go every few months and have his ears cleaned out because he has eczema in them.  I was told to get some Zinc (something)...I have it written down and I plan on stopping by the health food store as they have what I need.  It is supposed to take care of the eczema.  He has that appointment on the 14th.  Then we also have other appointments scheduled for after school is over and that includes the dentist and back to Shriner's hospital for more inserts and to have his feet rechecked. 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

don't forget those hexies will shrink up even more when they are sewed together. Sounds like you will be busy with all those appointments coming up

Janet O. said...

What a beautiful quilt that is going to be.
Hunter does have challenges with his ears and feet, doesn't he? Keeps Mom busy. I hope the Zinc stuff helps!

Joanne said...

Great idea for lexis. Your son sure is growing into a fine young man!