Wednesday, November 8, 2017

3 Quilts in 2 days!!!!

 I'm on a roll!  LOL!  I've quilted 3 quilts in 2 days!  Technically 2 of them were KING size and one was a baby quilt.  :)  So here we go...

I would have loved to have kept this one!  I love how the sunflowers just pop against that background.  Lot's of stippling on this baby and that makes those sunflowers puff up.  She did an awesome job piecing it.  
 So after quilting on that one most of the day, I then loaded this baby quilt on the longarm.  It only measured 35x45 so it was quick work.  The photo is not that good as the camera picked up on so many different textures that it looks very wrinkled but it's not.  This one is made from minky and flannel so both very stretchy.  Since it stretched so much we decided to do a very large stipple on it which will also make it not as stiff if over quilted.  I also need to do the binding on it as well but she didn't sent enough so I am now waiting on that.  Since it is so small it will not take too long to do that. 
 Then yesterday after everyone cleared out of the house for the day, I loaded this big baby on and got it quilted.  This t-shirt quilt was pieced just like the other one that I did a few days ago.  The t-shirt square is just zig-zag stitched to the background square.  I have at least one more of these to do for her...maybe more...I would have to look to be sure.  LOL!
 Funny know in my last post I mentioned that I am just covered up with quilts that I am VERY grateful for but all I could think about crocheting.  LOL!  That's how my ADHD mind works.  LOL!  Anyway....while quilting these 3 quilts, I still managed to crochet 3 dish cloths.  Not perfect but I'm just washing dishes with them.  :)
 I am getting ready to head back upstairs after I have one more coffee this morning and load on another one.  

My sister took mom yesterday for a MRI that the doctor scheduled for her shoulder.  She has a follow-up appointment Thursday with the orthopedic and will get her results then.  

I guess that is all for now...heading upstairs to the sweatshop to get some more quilting done!!!!


Janet O. said...

I'd say you made great progress in 2 days, Kristie, and crocheting, too?!? Where do you get the energy?

The Joyful Quilter said...

What a busy quilter you have been!! You method of making T-Quilts intrigues me. I've never seen the shirts stitched down on a background like that before. What prompted this method? Off to see if I can find more info...