Thursday, November 16, 2017

Quilts and Pineapples

This is the customer quilt that I quilted yesterday!  A childhood friend of my brother, hand pieced it.  I think he injured his back years ago and quilts occasionally to stay busy.  As I mentioned, he hand pieced this one.  I also will be doing the binding, which I will work on that today.  That is pretty much all that I have on my schedule for the day.  That will take up pretty much all of my day as I need to trim, square it up, cut and sew the binding by hand. 
As soon as I got that quilted, I whipped up this pineapple table runner.  I used the Pineapple Trim Tool to make this.  It worked out really well, I just had to take my time and it was pretty easy.  I do plan on making a pineapple quilt after my holiday rush is over so this was practice.  I am thinking that when I make the quilt, I will switch the color placement as this seems like a lot of blue.  LOL
In my last post I mentioned that I forgot to take photos of two t-shirt quilts.  Well...I did find a photo of one of them.  :)  
 So today I will be hand sewing binding most of the day.  I am taking off Thanksgiving Day, then the rest of the weekend.  We have dinner at mom's on Thanksgiving and dinner with my MIL on Saturday.  So the rest of the time I will be putting up my Christmas decor.  By the time Thanksgiving comes around I will have quilted for 38 DAYS STRAIGHT!!!!  So I could really use a couple of days of not quilting.  LOL!  Then I will get back at it...

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love that hand pieced quilt very pretty. Sounds like you need some down time!