Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Cowboy Christmas...

 Just a quick little post this morning so that I can get my day started.  Here is a customer quilt that I did a few days ago.  She didn't have the piecing finished before Christmas but it will be ready to use for next Christmas now.  :) 
 Such fun western themed Christmas fabric. 
 I quilted it with gold stars. 
 Here is another one that I can't show the whole quilt but I had to deal with this wavy border.  :(  I will never say anything bad about anyone's quilt but there are some that really make me work for my money.  :)  This dear lady gives me more quilting work than any of my customers.  :) 
 Anyway... I said this was going to be a quick post.  I have to have some labs done first thing this morning and I need to get some stuff done here before I leave.  I had a doctor's appointment this past Thursday and it wasn't good.  :(  I know, I know...I have a horrible time keeping my health on track.  My bp was 169/118 at the doctor's office.  My blood sugar is crazy as well.  I sorta let it all go through the holidays and now I am paying for it.  LOL! 

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