Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Busy Morning!

Here it is only 9am and I am already tired. Got the boys up and off to school, as I was getting them out the door I saw that Autumn (one of the horses)was out. So I go get the fencing tools and find where the fence is down and fix it. Barbed wire is hard to work with when you are alone. Finally got her caught and put back up. Then...you know how we just let Ole Jim, the mule run loose around here. He just walks around the farm and picks all day. So I was starting to do the morning feeding and Jim is following me around, he steps on the end of the waterhose. It busts and we are both covered in water!!! I run to turn the water off to the hose and the things strips! So I had to kick the breaker and turn all of the water off until hubby comes home to fix it. So now I came in the house, got me a Diet Pepsi and set down at the computer!!!!!

My back is still a little quicky but alot better than it was. I missed my guild meeting yesterday, because of my back. It was really hard to get comfortable and I have to keep getting up and down and walk around some so I just decided not to go. They worked on a 4 patch stack-n-whack. Maybe I can catch up with them or at least get started at the next meeting.

But here is what I have been working on the past few days. Here is another block for my Love Letter quilt. This makes me 59 so that is almost the halfway mark.

Here is a Dear Jane block that I made last night and I hope to do a few more today. I just needed a day or two break from the Love Letter quilt.

This is another hat that I made for a friend of Richard's. I hate making those things. The band drives me crazy!

And here is top baby top that I made for my new nephew that is coming in November!!! I know that it doesn't really look like baby fabric but these are colors that my brother and SIL like. They are not much on bright colors. I think I will bind it with the dark green.

You can also see a close up of the fabrics.

Well, I'm off....I need to get some house work done and hopefully sew a couple of blocks before Richard gets home.


rachel griffith said...

you poor thing!!!

i admit it was humorous until you had to cut off the water.

i hope that your day gets better and your back gets better.

i just love ole jim!!!

rachel griffith said...

p.s. i think that it's a fine baby quilt.

tots LOVE animals.

Jen said...

Darn that Jim!! Kidding. I think it's hilarious only because it happened to the two of you. Had you been alone...not so funny. You know Jim was laughing with you right??

I'm sorry you missed guild; from the look of KYQ's blog they had a fun time.

Since when do you stack and whack? that's one of my next quilts to work on. I'm only saying since when cause I'm scared to do it.

Moneik said...

What a funny experience! I'm sure Jim was laughing right along. The baby quilt is so cute! I'm sure they will love it.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

You do have an entertaining life there, Kristie. Glad you are some better. Hang in there....

Guðrún said...

I am sorry but I laughed when I read about the water hose :)

Amelia said...

Don't you just love living on a farm and the events with the animals.
With turning the breaker off - does this mean no water in the house too? It would if here at my house.

Be easy on that back...

Gizmo said...

Be kind to your back. You'll be back to yourself in no time.
You only missed one day of playing with the 4PSP. The blocks are a LOT of fun, and VERY addictive.
Sorry to hear about the hose...sounds like something that would happen here.

Gina said...

I'm glad that you are feeling better.
I recognise that horse fabric. Glad to see that it's being put to good use.

Love and hugs Gina xxx