Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday, Monday, Monday...

Here are the 3 blocks that I finished yesterday! I know that 3 is not too many but at least I am a little closer!!!! Now I have a total of 38 of these blocks!! Hopefully, this evening I can do a few more after everyone goes to bed.

I was going to work on a few more blocks last night, but my sister called and she had burned her hand so I drove out there real quick! So here is the story...silly girl was trying to cut the grass before mom comes home on Friday, but she worked yesterday and tried to cut the grass at the edge of dark. She ran over some kind of rope (because she couldn't see it) and it wrapped around the blades. She turned the mower off turned it over and touched something, I never did understand what she touched, but she burned two of her fingers really bad.

The burns are only about an inch long each, but they were deep. She does not tolerate pain very well so sissy had to run to the rescue. I saw rescue but I didn't really do anything. We soaked them in vinegar and brown bags, that helped some but when she got to work this morning (she works at a doctor's office) they called her some ointment in at the pharmacy and wrapped her fingers. She said she was feeling better.

I finally got my favorite sewing machine going again!!! I am so happy, I feel like I have a new machine!!!!! I have several machines but this one is my favorite, I really can't tell you why but it just is! I ordered a new foot controller and it works perfect! A few thing on the inside of the pedal was worn into!!! I guess that just shows how much that I used it. So I am a very happy girl!!!!

Oh and here is another photo of Bruno, Hunter's new puppy!!! The others are still here so we will be trying to give them away to good homes. And the horse is "Jingle Bells" he is also Hunter's, he was playing around last night so I grabbe the camera!

That's all for now, hopefully I will have more to show tomorrow!


Amelia said...

Puppy, horse and blocks...great combination for pictures ..loved them all.

Sorry to hear about Chantel's fingers. Yes part of the lawn mower can get real hot.


Narelle said...

I'm really loving the colours in your Love Letter blocks.

Bruno looks very much at home.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Those blocks look great! I can understand Hunter loving Bruno already. He's so cute! Jingle Bells is beautiful! It's so nice to see how much you are enjoying your life and family!

QuiltedSimple said...

Your blocks look great - before you know it you will have all the blocks done. Love the Paint and the puppy too - so I'm assuming Hunter is keeping at least 1 puppy?

Jen said...

God, you make me want to make these quilts in the worst way. I'll never get the time to do them. =(

That is one beautiful horse; so much character.

Giggle...LOVE Hunters puppy. Is it inside or outside at this point?

Props to you for fixing your machine!!! That is an awesome accomplishment!!!

Anonymous said...

Puppies are so adorable! Good luck on finding them homes.

Wow, you really have accomplished a lot considering how many projects you have going. I'm too timid to have more than three at the same time.

Guðrún said...

So you have to keep one puppy.