Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Canning, Canning, and more Canning

In case you have been wondering where I have been...I've been canning!  LOL!  No quilting, just canning!  A couple of days ago Chantal, my sister brought me a bag of apples that she picked up in her yard before she cut her grass. 
 I turned those into 7 pints of Apple Butter!
 Her is little Addie, so proud of her blackberry cobbler that she made with her mommy!  She helped pick the berries and then helped make the cobbler.  Love that proud little smile.  :)
 I also baked an Apple Cake!  I didn't eat it but my guys liked it. 
 Then the next day Chantal brought me about a 1-1/2 bushel more apples!  They have spots on the outside but once you peel them they look perfect.
 So I sat and peeled, peeled and peeled...
 Then I made 15 half pint jars of Candied Applesauce.  Just applesauce with Red Hots Candy in it.  It's not hot but gives it a wonderful taste.  I still have a bunch of apples to process.  As far as the apples go...I'm just getting started on them.  We will end up with a ton!  The trees are loaded!  Since these apples grow on our properties I feel like they are pretty much like FREE food.  The Lord's gift to us.  :) 
 Then Richard picked our first picking of green beans for the year and ended up with a bushel.  This is just the start of those too. 
 I got those all strung, broke and canned.  I ended up with 14 quarts so far.  I still have 43 quarts leftover from 2016, which is fine as they will be eaten. 
 So I will be working on the rest of the apples over the next few days, then probably more beans....tomatoes....just whatever!  LOL!  It is a lot of work and very tiring but I love it!  

Today is Richard's 47th birthday!  I thank the Lord everyday for bringing him back into my life.  We dated in high school, he graduated and joined the married...divorced and then 13 years later we got together and have been married for 16 years!  He and the boys are my world.  This man amazes me everyday.  Anyway...I hope he has a great day even though he has to work all day. 


Connie said...

Your photos are making me hungry! Happy canning. :)

Janet O. said...

Your canning productivity amazes me, Kristie! You are a good steward of what the Lord gives you!
I'm glad you have such a good man at your side. Wish him a happy birthday for me. :)

ruthsplace said...

I love seeing what you are canning. Vegetables and fruit are so expensive here that canning is out of the question. I'm looking forward to being able to make jams and things like that again when we move.

---"Love" said...

Surely you don't expect us to believe that you didn't eat any of that delicious looking apple pie, do you? Wish I had a big bowl full! My mother used to candy apples (like sweet potatoes) with lots of sugar and red hots and red food coloring. She did it every Christmas, and now I do it every Christmas. Everyone loves them! Your family will be so glad you are putting up so many good things to eat when winter comes! You are right; God is good all the time! ---"Love"