Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Cut out and ready to sew!

 I got my quilt kit cut out yesterday!  YAY!  I have to draw diagonal lines on a bunch of the squares and I wanted to get that done as well but I didn't.  Maybe today....maybe not.  LOL!
 After getting my lines drawn this will be my first step.  Making 30 pinwheels.  That's not too many so hopefully it will not take too long.
 I also played around with my EPP.  I did get these sewn into sets of 2 while on vacation too.  Now I have been sewing them into sets of 4.  I'm not in a big hurry on this one as I just enjoy the handwork and it keeps my hands busy.
 I also got a few more tomatoes out of the garden yesterday!  This makes me happy!  :)  I've been washing them and putting them in the freezer to work up and can them when I get enough.  I have found that instead of blanching them to remove the skins to process I can just put them in the freezer until I get the amount that I need and thaw them out and the skins slid right off.  I love doing it this way.  I love gardening and canning but I get stressed when everything hits me at once.  LOL!  Everything in the garden is doing great right now.  I also checked the apple trees and they are loaded but not ready yet.  

Richard was suppose to work today but his boss called last night and someone needed to trade days so he is off today and has to work Thursday which was his scheduled day off.  No big deal really but it messes my world up!  LOL!  With my ADHD I am a routine and schedule girl and when something like this happens it messes up my world.  LOL!  I do love having him home but when things like this change and I don't have much of a notice it throws me off.  :) 

That's all for now...hopefully I can get some sewing done today.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I love organization to and this time with Mike's contract job it is messing me up - one week it is one thing the next week something else and then just when I think I know what the schedule is - it changes! I really isn't a big deal but like you I kind of stick to routine.

Janet O. said...

That is interesting about freezing the tomatoes. I'll have to try that sometime!
I am with you on the disrupted schedule thing. When hubby takes time off and doesn't give me warning, it throws my routine out of whack. : )

Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

I've been doing a bundle of cutting the past couple of days, too. I can definitely relate to the needing a schedule. Unfortunately, so many things in life interrupt that any more. I look forward to watching this quilt come together. --Andrea

---"Love" said...

I'm looking forward to seeing this quilt come together. I'm rarely organized enough to cut and sack a quilt as neatly as you have done this one. ---"Love"