Saturday, July 8, 2017

Fort Raleigh

 Thursday was another wonderful day!  Richard's ancestry has been traced back to the early 1500's but in 1585 Sir Ralph Lane made the voyage along with Sir Walter Raleigh and several others to what is known as Roanoke Island.  So lots of interesting family history for us.  We were so close so we really wanted to go by there which was a little less than a 2 hour trip. 
 We toured a replica of the Elizabeth II.  It was very cool.
 Here we all are!  It was soooo hot but still fun. 
 There was also a working settlement that demonstrated lots of things during that time. 
 My sister, BIL, and Addie made the trip with us while mom and my brother's family stayed at the beach house.  They just were not up for the long drive.  My sister snapped this pic of me and Andrew.
 Speaking of my brother...hehehe!  He will kill me over this one but here he is taking a little nap.  :)
 Here we are goofing off at the museum. 
 This is a pic of Fort Raleigh. 
 Then on to the aquarium.  It was nice too.  Addie loved it!  Well, we all did. 
 Another pic of Addie at the museum.
I am typing this post on Friday night so it will be scheduled to post on Saturday morning and we will be on our way home.  :(  It has been an awesome trip and I have been very Blessed to have been able to do this with my whole family. 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

so glad you didn't have rain, the heat is always bad at times but hate for rain on a beach vacation

---"Love" said...

My daddy always insisted something on vacations, and I always did the same thing: Keep everybody busy doing and seeing everything available in the area because (back in those days, anyway), "you might never be this way again, so see it all while we're here!" We slept and rested very little! If we went to sleep in the car and he saw something while driving, he would wake us up and make us look. Once in wide open West Texas, he woke us to look at a herd of antelope; made me mad at the time, but now I'm glad Daddy was that way. We always saw it all while there! Sounds like you are doing the same thing! ---