Thursday, July 27, 2017

Red Dresden

It has been several days since I posted but I've just been really busy with everything.  I've been canning, cleaning, and quilting.  LOL!  

Here is the latest quilt top that has been quilted!   
 I still need to clip some threads on it but I think it is just beautiful!!!
 This one is a king! 
 I don't have to do the binding on this one, just the quilting.  

Yesterday was a very busy day.  Got up super early and took Hunter's friend home that had been here for a couple of days.  Then Hunter and I stopped by mom's and went with her and Chantal to mom's doctor's appointment about an hour away.  Nothing major just to the dermatologist.  The we had lunch and did some school shopping for Hunter.  Well...Hunter and I school shopped they just shopped.  LOL!  School starts for Hunter August 2nd.  Hard to believe that he will be in the 10th grade.  

Anyway we got home about 15 minutes before Richard did.  I rushed around and fixed a quick supper and finished up quilting this quilt.  

This afternoon I have to take Hunter to school to pick up his schedule and school Chromebook.  I'm sure we will be in there all afternoon. 

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

can't get over how early school starts - in our area of Arkansas it is about the 14th? where my grandchildren go to school in Wisconsin it is around Sept 3rd and they rarely miss days in the winter of course because they know how to drive in the snow up there - they do finish in early June though not like mid May in the south.