Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Quilting Frame Is FINISHED!

Hehehehe! It's official, I'm a real COWGIRL! :) Here is our new bull! Richard and the boys picked him up this afternoon. He is a beefalo, half beef and half buffalo. Anyway, they get him home and get him out of the trailer. Got him in the lot were we are going to keep him and the dogs got after him......long story short, he got loose! Jumped the logs and through the barbed wire and through the woods he went! Richard and Andrew chased him for a few miles on foot through the woods! Finally back here within sight so I went to help them then. Let's just say we fought all over this farm with this little bull. He only weighs about 350lbs but he is just EVIL! Got one lasso around his back foot and another around his neck. Pulled the truck and trailer up to where we had him, took forever to get him in the trailer. We all have rope burns and blisters everywhere. Cuts and scraps too, like I said he went through the woods and acres of blackberry vines, but he is finally put up for the night. Giggle, we just left him in the trailer for the night, put him some food and water in there and will deal with him tomorrow! :)

Richard finished my frame this morning! :) I am one happy girl! I still need to stain some of the wood but I will get that in a few days. I just love it! It is a very sturdy 12 ft frame! I can also use a larger machine than the one that I have but this will probably be the only one that I ever buy. My machine is a 13" Bailey. I really like is so far.
I attached my handles to the back because I wanted to learn how to use a pantograph. My other set of handles for the front should be delivered any day. Anyway, I loaded some fabric on to practice with. Had trouble the first thing! Took me about 2 hours to figure out what was wrong....a wonderful lady called me from the Bailey Yahoo Group and helped me. I knew it had to be something simple because I had just bought the machine and it sewed great until today. The problem was.....I HAD THE THREAD WRONG! There is another thing by the needle that the thread needed to go through and it DOES NOT show that part in the manual! So she told me that, I redid the thread and it works perfect!!!! I am so happy with my machine and frame! I plan on practicing a lot more then I will start on my 70+ tops!
Now I will leave you with another silly Donkey photo!

I think I am going on to bed, my backing is starting to hurt from being jerked around by that bull.


Yvette said...

You are brave! I would have run the opposite way of the bull. LOL! Can you tell I am a city girl.

I am sooooo jealous of your frame. It is fantastic!!! You are going to be finishing those tops soon.

Amelia said...

Mr. Bull really put up a fight - I bet Richard and Andrew are so agrravated with him that they could just scream.

Now that the frame is complete and you can actually do some test quilting I bet you are really doing a happy dance. I know I would be.

Have a great week!

Lurline said...

Sounds like you are a good little bullfighter! I knew Richard would get the frame done for you - you are one lucky girl - have fun quilting!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Julia said...

That's wonderful Kristie...Richard is a genius!
Now i wonder if my hubby can make me one..was it hard to make.
I have Pfaff grand Quilter 10" throat
Have fun, can't wait to see your quilting..
Julia ♥

Suzan said...

I know you will love that machine - I surely know I would!

I have read somewhere that there is no such thing as a well-behaven bull. Thank goodness no one got seriously injured. When he gets a little bigger, he will certainly be a handful!!

Michelle said...

Oh boy....I'm scared of bulls! You all be careful!

Your frame looks great! There's no stopping you now!

Have a great week!

Belvie said...

Hope that bull doesn't decide to be a "breaker outer" or at least that what I call them. My dad had cattle and he has had bulls that broke out of the barb wire fencing on a regular basis. He eventually had to sell them.

Your quilting machine looks nice.

Anonymous said...

That beefalo looks pretty muscular and sturdy. Good luck with him today. Might want to take some ibuprofen for the aches, the old ones and any new ones comming!:-))
Your frame looks huge,glad it is together and working, and I can't wait to see you first finish on it!!

QuiltedSimple said...

Glad you caught the bull - you should have had a video camera rolling! Where did you get the instructions for your frame - that looks wonderful!

Kelly Ann said...

Does the new addition have a name? BTW...thanks for the pictures of Donkey...I love the name for a cat.

Guðrún said...

I would have died, I am so afraid of bulls!

KyQuiltlady said...

Sounds like that bull has gotten your arms ready for that quilting machine. I am so glad you got it set up. I know you will get a lot of use from it.

Trish said...

Congratulations on the new frame! That pile of tops will be shrinking in no time!

Sara said...

Your beefalo sounds slightly wild! Hope he calms down a little and no one gets hurt! Love the quilting frame and your new machine. Now you can get some tops quilted! LOL!
and of course, I love pictures of Donkey!

Sandi said...

What an exciting day you had.....but I am glad it was your day and not mine. Bulls are just something I am very wary of. But that frame and machine of yours can't wait to see what you get finished first :)

Cindy said...

Hooray for you !!! You will sooooooo love it! I'm so happy for you:) Can't wait to see some stuff!

Sue said...

I know what you're saying about the beefalo. Our neighbor got a whole herd of them & not too long after they were settled in we were out in our yard & heard a ruckus & they were breaking the fence right down & stampeded down the road. They were all over the township, they spent a couple of days tracking them down & I believe there was one they never found. Not too many stampedes in this part of the country, so it was quite an experience!

Jacky O said...

You go Cowgirl!! Maybe y'all can gentle him up since he is still pretty young, sweet feed always works for us!
I can't wait to see you quilting on that new rig!