Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Progress

I got a lot done yesterday! A lot of cleaning!!!!! And some sewing too.

Over the weekend, when we went on our little day trip to VA, I bought a thimble! This is my first collectors thimble. I have an old antique typeset drawer that I think I will put these in. I do plan on collecting them, but I will have to wait until I get a few more before I get the old typeset drawer out. Somehow I think it would look a little odd with only one thimble in it! :)

This is a photo of a quilt that I did a while back. I already posted about it on here, but I snapped this photo of it yesterday while it was hanging on the clothesline. This is right at the edge of dark, that is why the colors do not show up real well. I forgot the name of the block at the moment but it is one of my favorite scrap quilts.

During my breaks of cleaning smoke crud, I got my red and white quilt cut out! Here are the red strips. A total of 46--1 1/2 in WOF strips! Last night after supper I got all of the white cut out and started sewing my strips together this morning. The pressing is what I hate!

I quilted a few rows on the quilt that I have on the frame too! This is just a lap size quilt, I would have had it done yesterday if I hadn't been cleaning so much. I tried to take a photo of the quilting but you can't really tell much about it here. Oh and in the photo there looks like there is a spot on the white fabric, that is just the light from my machine. :)
I hope to have this one finished sometime today and maybe load another one on the frame.

Well I had better go and get back to sewing some strips together...


Amelia said...

Pretty quilts -

At least with a collection of thimbles they won't take up a lot of you use a thimble? I didn't until I started quilting...they never felt comfortable but now my finger feels naked without it.

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to start a thimble collection too! Haven't started yet, but you should see some of the ones on Ebay!!
I love that quilt, that is one of my favorites from your pile!

Crochet Fun Hub said...

Beautiful quilt!

Libby said...

Great Quilt! You got your stips all cut, and cleaned house? Don't tell me that you cooked supper too! You are a machine, woman!! Have Fun!

KyQuiltlady said...

Cutting that many 1 1/2" strips sounds like you shreded the material. LOL Do you set your seams before pressing them open like Eleanor Burns? I never wanted to take the time to do that but I have found I can get my points to nestle better if I set seams, makes it much easier and looks really well.

Julia said...

I see pinwheels in that quilt Kristie...I love pinwheels..
You have been a busy girl..
love the quilt on your machine..
Julia ♥

Texan said...

Geesh I need the name of the vitamins you take girly! Your like the energizer bunny!!!

LOVELY quilt you made.. really like that... and lovely quilting too in the last photo...