Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Wednesday

Here are a few more things that I found in my cabinet. I finally got it all cleaned and sorted.

This is a "Jewel Box" that I started a few years ago. I was just making it out of scraps. I already have one "Jewel Box" finished, so with this one, I think that I will just add 3 more blocks to it, sew on a border and finish it as a baby quilt.
This is another scrap project. I was making this as a leader and ender project with my scraps. May work on this one from time-to-time. I always have a lot of scraps.
I also found a shoebox with 80 nine patches in it. Not sure what I was going to make with them, but they are also from scraps. I have several patterns that I can use these in.
I found this fabric in a bag. They are 30's fabrics, not sure what I was planning to use them for so they went back in my fabric stash.
I found a little tote of yo-yo's that I was working on several years ago. I have made 2 yo-yo quilts in the past and I think when I finish this, it will only be a table runner! :)
The only sewing that I did today was making 128- 3inch half square triangles. I found some that I had made a while back so I thought I would add to them a little at a time, as I get the scraps!
This morning after feeding the animals I rode the fence line to check for damage. I usually take Ole Jim, but not this morning. He is just not able to go, so I saddled up Storm and took him. Ole Jim looked a little sad when he saw me getting on Storm.
I snapped a few photos of some of the horses this morning. They were loving the crisp Fall morning. This is Bullet, our stud horse and the paint is "Jingle Bells" Can you tell that Hunter named him? :)
As you can see the rain has made most of the leaves fall off.
This is Sapheria! She is the little one that was born in March. She is now 7 months old. Here she is peaking under her mommy. Back in the Summer, her mommy kicked her in the eye and she almost lost her eye. I was all bloodshot and swollen, had a bloodclot that busted, we had a real mess. In the end, she can still see but does have some loss of vision.
Here is her bad eye! Vet said she will always have this cloudy spot on it. I'm just thankful that we did not loose her. She is a fiesty little thing!
Now I have to get Hunter's treat bags ready for his school's Halloween party. I hope I can get Andrew to help me and Hunter get them ready. But you know how those 16yr olds are, he will probably eat more than he puts in the bags! :)


*karendianne. said...
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*karendianne. said...

Well now, this was a great day! I love that pile of 80 nine patches. Sapheria is sweet. Punkin'. Ole Jim doing okay this day?

Amelia said...

You had a busy day...but then what day is not filled to the brim.

Do you ride often? The baby colt is so cute.

Libby said...

The horses are so pretty! You must have a pretty ride there in the Fall!! and I love the Jewel Box quilt, you do a great job with your scrap quilts!

Texan said...

You sure found a lot of great quilty things in that cabinet you cleaned out!

I too ride the fence line to check it, but I use a four wheeler, I am scared of horses...I think they are beautiful animals. I like to admire them from the opposite side of the fence they are on :O)...

Michelle said...

Cute blocks, cute horsey friends. Happy day! Thanks for sharing!
be blessed,

KyQuiltlady said...

Now you got more unfinished projects, but pretty ones. I love the 30's bag you found. Maybe that is what I should do, clean my stash and find material that I forgot about having and get the feeling of buying more for the stash. LOL

Gina said...

I'm glad Ole Jim is still hanging on.
The pics of the foal are gorgeous.

Love an dhugs Gina xxx

Anonymous said...

The jewel box is gorgeous. I would love to make one if you start another!!
Sapheria is getting big and soo cute too. You have been very busy this week. Send me some of that energy!

Guðrún said...

Can´t you get lost in the wood? I am not used to them :)

Vesuviusmama said...

I love living in the country, too. I wish I could come ride your fence line with you!