Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cutting it close...

First off, I want to thank everyone for their prayers and kind words for my momma. I'm very worried about her and she is very stressed and in a lot of pain right now. I'm also wondering how much use she will have in the arm even if she has surgery again. But right now, she has no use at all, she can't even move it. So please keep praying...

I've been quilting most of the day today! I am sooooo tired and my right hip is killing me but I'm sure I will live over it! :) I quilted this quilt today, my sister is buying it for a gift for her boyfriend's parents. The pattern is called "Four Patch Flip" a very simple pattern and I enjoyed piecing it. I pieced it a year or so ago, but just quilted it today. It is the one that she picked out from my pile of quilt tops. Tomorrow I hope to get the binding done!

Tomorrow I also hope to get another quilt top pinned on and started! It is a HUGE quilt for my mom. I posted about it here! I tried to quilt it last month and the backing was too small after I got it pinned on. Not sure if I can get Mom's quilted before Christmas, it is 120" long!!! If I'm able to get it quilted there is noway that I can get the binding done. So what I will probably do is, if I get it quilted then I will go ahead, wrap it up and give it to her, then take it back home and do the binding. I'm sure one that size will take me a few days to bind.

I feel very Blessed to have sold some of my quilts this month, just in time for Christmas money!! As of right now, I have sold 13 quilts! Some were already quilted, some were tops that I had to quilt, and a couple I had to piece and quilt them. So I have been very busy but also very thankful. And on top of these quilts that were bought, I have 5 that will be given away for gifts at Christmas! Hopefully after Christmas I can dig up photos of them all and put them in a post!

Well, I'm off......got to cut and press some binding for this quilt. I would like to machine sew it on tonight and do the hand work tomorrow.

PS.....I promise to get caught up on blogs after Christmas!!!!


Joanne said...

Another beauty!
It is fantastic that you have sold so many quilts!
Have a great Christmas!♥

Libby said...

So Pretty! I can't wait to see more pictures! Now, get busy!

Texan said...

Lovely quilt!

jillquilts said...

Way to go for selling 13 quilts!! I'm sure that money will be nice for the holidays!

Way to go!!!