Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Here are the 21 that left!

Well, during the Christmas holiday I sold and gave away a total of 21 quilts!! 7 were gifts and the other 14 where sold. I just thank God that I had the quilts to sell, it sure helped out during Christmas.

I could not find photos of all of them. Some had been done for a year or so but others had to be pieced or quilted. So here we go...

This was sold to a co-worker of my sisters, this lady bought 3 quilts.
Sorry this one came out so small, not sure what happened there. Anyway this one was bought for their boss's wife.
My sister bought this one for her boyfriend's parents.
This one she wanted made for a co-worker. They exchanged names and Jennifer is a big University of Kentucky fan.
This is a Coat Of Many Colors that my SIL had made for her babysitter.
My SIL really liked the above quilt that she bought as a gift so my brother called and asked me to make another one for her. I think it was a gift from their small kids to their mommy! So here is hers.My SIL also bought a few other quilts. This one was for her co-worker that they exchanged names.
This one she bought for her mother.
This one was a gift for her special aunt.
This one they all went together and bought for their boss's birthday!
This one is not the actual quilt sold but the other one was just a larger version of it. This little topper was made from leftover blocks. The large quilt was bought by one of the drug representatives that come to their doctor's office.
This was a gift for my Great Nephew, Braxton.
This one was made for my nephew, Gabe.
This isn't quilted in this photo but I had added borders to this panel and it was for my other nephew, Zeph.This one was a gift for my 8 yr old niece, Madison. It was made with fabrics from her Great Grandmother that had passed away a few years ago.
Of course this big pink monster was a gift for my sister!
This was mom's! I got it quilted late on Christmas Eve but I didn't get the binding done. So I bought it back home and I will have to work on that. It measures something like 96x122! I don't have a clue what I was thinking when I made that.
This was a gift for my MIL.

And there was a Bear Paw quilt that was sold to one of her co-workers but I can't find the photo of it. :( Anyway, it was a little hard letting that many go but honestly what do I need with that many quilts. I still have somewhere around 125+



Libby said...

Just beautiful!!! I love every one of them!! I'll bet you made some people really happy with these quilts!

Yvette said...

WOW!!! I am in awe of all of those quilts. I still can't believe you have 125+ quilts left. I can't imagine having to buy backings for them. LOL!!!!

Happy New Year my friend!

Texan said...

wow way to go girly...

Vesuviusmama said...

I think it is wonderful that you were able to sell so many and that now those quilts will be used instead of just piling up. I know it is hard to let them go, but that is what they are made for, right? My sister was visiting this week and exclaiming over all the tops I had made that I haven't quilted yet, telling me that leaving them folded up is like leaving the toys packed away (like in Toy Story) and that they are supposed to be out and used and loved. I agree. By the way, I love that Coat of Many Colors, and you may see one of those on my blog soon.

jillquilts said...

Hooray for sharing the quilts with so many others! And you really got a lot done in spite of your hip!! Way to go!!

Guðrún said...

Beautiful. I don´t know where you get all the energy from!