Friday, December 31, 2010

Picked up some new fabric....

Well, this year has came to an end and I must say, I sure hope 2011 is alot better than 2010. Let's just say it has been a long and tough year!

No plans for the New Year's Eve celebration, just staying home with Richard and Hunter, watching some tv and doing a little sewing. We never do anything special for New Year's Eve. Right now Richard and Hunter are outside playing with Richard's new metal detector that he got for Christmas! He loves it and they have been out in the horse pastures looking for old horseshoes and whatever else they can find. Earlier today they found 3 mule shoes that belonged to Ole Jim, 2 horseshoes, and an old halter that belonged to Bullet that was buried in the mud. (Just in case some of you didn't know.....horseshoes and mule shoes are made different) So who knows what they will come in with this evening.

Today I found some really good deals on some fabric!!! I don't usually buy Christmas fabric because I have a hard time figuring out what to make with it. But this was sooooo cheap that it was hard to pass it up. Here is what I got!

I got 1 yard of this snowman fabric at $1.11 per yard!This one with the gifts on it....I got 3 yards of it at $1.11 per yard!
I got 2 of these horse panels! I saw them at Hobby Lobby a few months ago but they were more expensive. These were also $1.11 each! The sample that they had at Hobby Lobby was made into a Christmas card holder. Not sure what I will do with 2 of them but they were just so darn cheap!Now this photo just has odds and ends in it. I got a yard of insulbrite to finish up some pot holders, red fabric for Bonnie's Mystery, some muslin to bind mom's quilt, and on the end is 2 more panels that are Christmas Story Books, they were also $1.11 each! I thought they would make good gifts for some little ones for next year!
Oh and I got this too! 1 yard of it! I thought it would make cute pot holders and oven mitts! It was not on sale but still only $3 per yard!
Well, I guess that is it for tonight! Got to clean up the house a little bit, put a pizza in the oven, settle down for the evening, watch a movie with Richard and Hunter and work on Bonnie's Mystery!!!
Oh and before I forget! Mom when for her first physical therapy yesterday!! The therapist was looking over her report from her doctor and said there was no wonder she was in so much pain! He said he actually did 4 surgeries in 1. Not sure exactly what all was done because I wasn't with her, my sister was but mom said something about they cut the end of her collar bone off and it is just floating in there with the muscles, removed her bursa pad, and fixed her rotator cuff tear and something else, I don't remember what it was. But anyway, she starts out at 2 days a week and she is still not allowed to move her arm, but the therapist will move it for her until she heals a little more. Chantal goes back to work on Monday so I will be taking mom in for her therapy 2 days a week. So now I need to find some kind of small project to work on while I wait on her!!!
Happy New Year!


Libby said...

Happy New Year Kristie! I would say that you are due a Great year in 2011!!
We are staying home having pizza too! Of course, my big kids arent here.
Love the fabric!!

Texan said...

Love your new fabrics!! The cooking piece is very cool!

Wow bless your Moms heart, thats a lot to have done to a person!

Yvette said...

Happy New Year Kristie!

You sure made out with some great deals there. Starting tomorrow I am on a fabric diet. LOL

Amelia said...

Love those fabrics!

Small step for your Mother in going for her first therapy = but it takes one step at a time for a full recovery.

Happy New Year!

Guðrún said...

There is no place here in Iceland that you can buy so cheap fabrics in, so a little envy here :)