Friday, December 17, 2010

Working late

It's 3:30am and I can't sleep! :( We went to bed about 10:30pm and I woke up at 1am, got up and did a little sewing! Remember the pot holders that I pieced yesterday? Well, I quilted 7 of them tonight and ran out of the heat batting stuff (too tired to remember the name of it) so I guess I will pick up enough to finish the others if we can get out on Saturday. We have a lot of snow up here on this hill! Anyway, I thought I made 10 but somehow I ended up with 12, but that is okay, I can keep a set for myself. Now, I just need to finish the other 5, bind them all and those gifts will be finished. I still need to make the rice bags and maybe some coasters and the small things will be done. Yesterday I finished the binding on that lap quilt that I quilted and it is ready for it's owner to pick up. Now I have one more lap quilt, mom's HUGE quilt, and a quilt that my sister is buying as a gift for who we hope will be her future in-laws! :) Anyway those 3 still need to be quilted and the bindings done! :( But I can do it.....or at least, I think I can!

We got several inches of snow and ice yesterday. Richard and Hunter were out trying to build a snowman, it was hard to do because the snow was frozen so hard.

I let Jazz out to use the potty and he wasn't even heavy enough to break through the snow! He was sliding all over the place out there on that frozen snow.Then he came back in and passed out on the couch with Festus! Most of the time Festus would rather stay outside than inside but it has been so cold the past couple of weeks that he has spent a lot of time inside.
When I woke up at 1am Hunter was awake, in his room playing with legos!!! He said he couldn't sleep either. Here it is 3:43 and he is still awake! So I guess I had better try to get him to bed and get in bed myself!


Libby said...

Sounds like ya'll are enjoying being snowed in! I think thats one of the things that I like about school breaks--staying up late, the kids ataying up late....and sleeping in!!
Enjoy your day! I donated my insul. batting to our church for a project..I'm going to grab some this weekend too! I love your potholders!

Joanne said...

The potholders looks great, you sure are busy! Too bad about not sleeping though.
Take care with all that ice!♥

Yvette said...

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! You know, I have only been to the snow one day in my life and it wasn't all real. LOL!! I don't think I could take it, my blood is too thin living in warmth all my life.

Great gift ideas! I hope you get in a good nap today, I'll bet Hunter does.

Honey Bear said...

The hotpads look really nice. I love the colors in that one. You do such nice work!

julieQ said...

Love your string potholders! And your poor baby dog...working hard there, must rest, momma!

Texan said...

What batting stuff do they make for use in pot holders? Do you just do a biding then on the edge? I wouldn't mind making some of those for gifts too! Um for next year LOL
Love the strippy of them!