Friday, December 31, 2010

Picked up some new fabric....

Well, this year has came to an end and I must say, I sure hope 2011 is alot better than 2010. Let's just say it has been a long and tough year!

No plans for the New Year's Eve celebration, just staying home with Richard and Hunter, watching some tv and doing a little sewing. We never do anything special for New Year's Eve. Right now Richard and Hunter are outside playing with Richard's new metal detector that he got for Christmas! He loves it and they have been out in the horse pastures looking for old horseshoes and whatever else they can find. Earlier today they found 3 mule shoes that belonged to Ole Jim, 2 horseshoes, and an old halter that belonged to Bullet that was buried in the mud. (Just in case some of you didn't know.....horseshoes and mule shoes are made different) So who knows what they will come in with this evening.

Today I found some really good deals on some fabric!!! I don't usually buy Christmas fabric because I have a hard time figuring out what to make with it. But this was sooooo cheap that it was hard to pass it up. Here is what I got!

I got 1 yard of this snowman fabric at $1.11 per yard!This one with the gifts on it....I got 3 yards of it at $1.11 per yard!
I got 2 of these horse panels! I saw them at Hobby Lobby a few months ago but they were more expensive. These were also $1.11 each! The sample that they had at Hobby Lobby was made into a Christmas card holder. Not sure what I will do with 2 of them but they were just so darn cheap!Now this photo just has odds and ends in it. I got a yard of insulbrite to finish up some pot holders, red fabric for Bonnie's Mystery, some muslin to bind mom's quilt, and on the end is 2 more panels that are Christmas Story Books, they were also $1.11 each! I thought they would make good gifts for some little ones for next year!
Oh and I got this too! 1 yard of it! I thought it would make cute pot holders and oven mitts! It was not on sale but still only $3 per yard!
Well, I guess that is it for tonight! Got to clean up the house a little bit, put a pizza in the oven, settle down for the evening, watch a movie with Richard and Hunter and work on Bonnie's Mystery!!!
Oh and before I forget! Mom when for her first physical therapy yesterday!! The therapist was looking over her report from her doctor and said there was no wonder she was in so much pain! He said he actually did 4 surgeries in 1. Not sure exactly what all was done because I wasn't with her, my sister was but mom said something about they cut the end of her collar bone off and it is just floating in there with the muscles, removed her bursa pad, and fixed her rotator cuff tear and something else, I don't remember what it was. But anyway, she starts out at 2 days a week and she is still not allowed to move her arm, but the therapist will move it for her until she heals a little more. Chantal goes back to work on Monday so I will be taking mom in for her therapy 2 days a week. So now I need to find some kind of small project to work on while I wait on her!!!
Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Keeping Busy

Got up around 5am this morning, did a few little household chores before I sat down to sew. Richard has spent the day helping some friends of ours so it was just me and Hunter today. I have been trying to stay busy to keep my mind off of Andrew so much. Hunter doesn't go back to school until the 3rd so I let him sleep in. Actually he got up at 10:30am!

So I put in "Gone With the Wind" and started sewing! I haven't really had time to work on Bonnie's mystery because of all the sewing that I did before Christmas. Today I got Part One finished and pressed!
Part Two, as you can see here, is cut and ready to be sub cut and sewn! May work on that tonight.
Part Three, the paper-pieced string blocks are already finished! So I'm feeling good about this so far.

Last night I finished up the binding on the Pot Holders that I was working on for Christmas, most of those didn't get finished in time. But that is fine, I will save them or use them myself! I may make a few more of them as I get time and save them for the new house, whenever we get moved in. It will still be a few months on that!Oh and the other day, I stopped by Walmart and found this on Clearance!! They are Thomas Kinkade Potholders and Oven Mitt panels! I bought all they had which was 3 panels for $2.22 each! Each panel has 2 oven mitts and 2 potholders. I thought they might make great gifts for new year or to use for myself! (Actually I took this photo off of Ebay, because I was too lazy to take a photo)And look at this little pretty!!!! Another Jim Shore!! This was a gift from my brother and SIL! I love it!!! (Again, this photo is from Ebay, being lazy again! ) Anyway, I do love it and it meant alot that they thought to get it for me. So thanks so very much John and Kellie!!!I will now leave you with some cute little photos! Of course another one of Donkey laying in his favorite spot! I think he likes laying up there so that he can keep an eye on everyone!And my precious little Jazzy! Isn't he just sooooooo cute! He was pouting because he just had a bath and Richard used the blowdryer to dry him! :) So glad he is back home!Now since I have been sewing most of the day....I need to finish supper, which is just spaghetti and garlic bread. And also need to straighten up the living room and clean the bathroom! :( Giggle, I've tried to con Hunter into cleaning the bathroom today, even tried to pay him and he said "No" and that I was too cheap! Hmmm......may have to make him help me just for meanness! :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Here are the 21 that left!

Well, during the Christmas holiday I sold and gave away a total of 21 quilts!! 7 were gifts and the other 14 where sold. I just thank God that I had the quilts to sell, it sure helped out during Christmas.

I could not find photos of all of them. Some had been done for a year or so but others had to be pieced or quilted. So here we go...

This was sold to a co-worker of my sisters, this lady bought 3 quilts.
Sorry this one came out so small, not sure what happened there. Anyway this one was bought for their boss's wife.
My sister bought this one for her boyfriend's parents.
This one she wanted made for a co-worker. They exchanged names and Jennifer is a big University of Kentucky fan.
This is a Coat Of Many Colors that my SIL had made for her babysitter.
My SIL really liked the above quilt that she bought as a gift so my brother called and asked me to make another one for her. I think it was a gift from their small kids to their mommy! So here is hers.My SIL also bought a few other quilts. This one was for her co-worker that they exchanged names.
This one she bought for her mother.
This one was a gift for her special aunt.
This one they all went together and bought for their boss's birthday!
This one is not the actual quilt sold but the other one was just a larger version of it. This little topper was made from leftover blocks. The large quilt was bought by one of the drug representatives that come to their doctor's office.
This was a gift for my Great Nephew, Braxton.
This one was made for my nephew, Gabe.
This isn't quilted in this photo but I had added borders to this panel and it was for my other nephew, Zeph.This one was a gift for my 8 yr old niece, Madison. It was made with fabrics from her Great Grandmother that had passed away a few years ago.
Of course this big pink monster was a gift for my sister!
This was mom's! I got it quilted late on Christmas Eve but I didn't get the binding done. So I bought it back home and I will have to work on that. It measures something like 96x122! I don't have a clue what I was thinking when I made that.
This was a gift for my MIL.

And there was a Bear Paw quilt that was sold to one of her co-workers but I can't find the photo of it. :( Anyway, it was a little hard letting that many go but honestly what do I need with that many quilts. I still have somewhere around 125+


Monday, December 27, 2010

Prayers have been answered!

Oh the holidays......I am soooooooo tired! :) Well not everything went as planned and this was probably one of the worst Christmas Day's that I have ever had! I really don't want to get real personal here but let's just say that this was the first Christmas that Andrew was not with me. I think I've cried until I have no more tears left. I've never had the first problem out of that child until the past 2 months and now he thinks he knows it all. So he was not here Christmas at all. I never knew that my heart could hurt like this. Anyway, I really can't handle talking anymore about it right now.

So on to other things...I finished up these rice bags about midnight on Christmas Eve, just in time to get them wrapped for Christmas morning. I didn't get mom's quilt completely finished either. I got it quilted but I didn't get the binding started. I gave it to her but brought it back home to work on the binding.
Here is Hunter when he got up Christmas morning, he can't even get his eyes all the way open! Look how dark it still is outside, it was very early!
I tried to hold myself together enough for Hunter. He was having a hard time too but we tried to ensure that he have the best Christmas that he could. He looks pretty happy here.
After we opened the gifts we headed to mom's for gifts and dinner. Here she is with her sling. Poor Momma.
I didn't get a photo of mom opening her quilt. :( And my brother and his family wasn't able to make it out either because of the snow. So there are 3 quilts for their kids to open. I did get one of Chantal with hers! She seemed to like it but she already knew about it anyway.
The girls didn't get to come down until the 26th. Here they are opening a few gifts. After that we headed to town to Richard's grandmother's house where the rest of his family was going to meet. It turned out nice.
Now some news on MOMMA! Thanks so much for the prayers! Just another example that Prayers do work!! Mom went back to the doctor today and it was good news!!! He said that he didn't think she would have to have the surgery done again!!!! See last time he thought it was completely torn loose. He gave her that shot in the shoulder and said there was a very slim chance that it was scar tissue against nerves but he really thought it was torn loose. He said the shot would determine it for sure. If the severe pain came back then she would have to have surgery! So at that time it didn't look good because he was convinced another surgery was needed. she went back to the doctor and the pain had been better for a day or two so now he thinks she will be fine and no other surgery will be needed. She starts therapy soon. So thank you all so very much!!
I had been doing so much sewing this past month that after Christmas I wanted to take a BIG break! But now I am trying to figure out what I can work on that will keep my mind off of Andrew some. My house is a mess from all of the sewing that I had been doing and then also from the Christmas holiday. Maybe I can dig through and find something...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Working up to the last minute!

Well here I am this morning trying to finish the quilting on Mom's quilt!!! I know I am cutting it very close. We exchange gifts on Christmas morning so I'm trying to get it done. I know there is no way that the binding will be even started so after I give her the quilt I will bring it back home and work on the binding within the next few days. The quilt measures 96x122! So that will take me a while to get the binding done on it. This is the largest quilt that I have ever had on my frame, so far it is working out great, no problems!

After I get this finished I need to quickly make the rice bags and finish some more of the hot pads!!!!!!!!!!

Last night I took a much needed break and we took Hunter to see the Christmas lights at the park. He loved it! It was cold and we decided to take our time and WALK around the park instead of driving around it. By the time we got finished my hip was killing me but it was worth it to see Hunter have so much fun. Lots of photos here, I tried to pick out some of our favorites!
They also had a section of the park that had large wooden cards setting up, this one measures somewhere around 6ft tall. It was by Marathon Oil, that is the company that my mom works for so I thought she might like to see it.

Also here in this area we have a lot of the quilt blocks on barns, Kentucky Quilt Trail, but here was one on a grade school right beside the park! I thought it was cute so I got a photo of it too!

Now I'm off and back to work before I settle down tonight and we watch THE NATIVITY STORY movie. We have watched it for the past several years on Christmas Eve. I hope everyone has a Blessed and Merry Christmas!!!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Blessings

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and many Blessings through the New Year!

Thank you all for reading my blog and being such an inspiration to me!