Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Bathroom Post...

Well this post is all about a bathroom....As you all know we are still in the slow process of building our house. Anyway that 3rd bathroom is giving me fits! So here is the story...The house will have 3 bathrooms, a main bath, a master bath and an upstairs bath. Right now we are just trying to get the main bathroom and upstairs bathroom finished before we move in later this year. I have everything bought for the main bathroom except for the bronze faucet that I want.

Since the 3rd bathroom is upstairs and not seen by all, I really wasn't worried too much about putting it together. Actually, in my mind, I was thinking CHEAP AS POSSIBLE. My main bath will be done in BONE and since WHITE fixtures are generally cheaper I wanted to do #3 in white. So I bought the tub and shower unit in white and it will work fine. Oh did I tell you that this 3rd bath only measures 6ft x 9ft so it is not real big. So I bought this plain white toilet...

Got a great deal on this porcelain sink. (I borrowed this photo from another website, but it is the same sink)This faucet because of the wider spaced holes in the sink. Which ended up being 6 times as much as I paid for the sink. :(
So I was all pleased with what I had until Richard told me to come upstairs that we had a problem... The sink was too big!!! Not enough room to get the door open! My heart after trying everything in the world to get it to fit, I finally decided to just get another sink. I told Richard that we would just get a pedestal sink for there. So I left for town on a mission to find a CHEAP white pedestal sink.
I found a pedestal sink that I really liked at the surplus store! But my problem was....they had a toilet to match it!!!!! Oh and of course, the faucet that I had would NOT fit this sink!!! Can you tell where this is going?????
So today was spent returning the old SINK, TOILET and FAUCET!! And buying the new set that I wanted. It would not have been too bad if I got gotten everything at the same place but we had to run to several different stores.
If you know me you know that I am a very thrifty person. We have tried to stretch our pennies as far as they will go on this house! So this is what I got!

This toilet!! (borrowed online photo)
This pedestal sink...
And this faucet....

All 3 pieces for.............$215.00!!!!

I was soooooooo happy! I think Richard just wanted to go home! LOL! He just kept saying "whatever you want, baby"

Oh, did I mention that I returned my kitchen sink too! LOL! I got the same sink at a different place for $30 cheaper! I also picked up 2 of these hollow core doors at the surplus for $10 each. They measure 36x78. I plan on using them in my new quilting room for a sewing table.

Now we are home and soooooooooo tired! I didn't realize how stressful this could be. But anyway we will be going soon to pick up the Sheetrock and all of the drywall supplies. That is when the big mess begins! He has been working on the plumbing this week and almost has it all finished.



Tazzie said...

Hey there Kristie hon, it does seem just so exhausting for you. But I'm sure this will all be forgotten when you finally get to move in. It really will all be worthwhile.

Joanne said...

This post reminds me of all the finishing and renovations that we have done on houses we have owned. All so worthwhile in the end!!
Have fun!!♥

Mary said...

I've done lots of remodeling but never built a house and never will....everyone says it's exhausting!

Libby said...

It will be worth it!! and just think about how close it's getting to moving in!! It's going to happen!! Exciting!

jillquilts said...

Love the pedestal! And I have several of those faucets. They are great!

Guðrún said...

This is so exciting, there has been a month since I visited last time and it looks like many things have happened around your place, I will keep on reading :) I love the toilet and sink and the rest of what you bought.