Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Quilting Right Along...

First off, I am very happy to have been selected as one of the 50 Best Quilting Blogs ! How exciting!!! You really should check out this website, there are lots of wonderful bloggers listed from all over the world.

Yesterday I took mom back to the doctor. He said she was doing fine but still can't lift over 1 lb!! He said lifting a gallon of milk could tear the whole thing loose. It has been 10+ weeks since her surgery and she has really had a hard time with it all. Today I have to take her in for physical therapy. She dreads it everyday and it is so hard when she comes out and I see her crying because the therapy has hurt so bad. Just breaks my heart but I know she has to do this to get it stronger. A few times she has had to stop them because the doctor said that they are pushing her too far and could end up hurting her shoulder again.

So yesterday while we were out, I picked up two fabrics for my stash. The one on the left is a Peter Pan fabric that was marked down to $1 per yard. I got what was left on the bolt which was 1 3/4 yards. Don't have a clue what I will use it for unless I just cut it up small and use it in some of my scrap quilts as background fabric. The writing is actually blue but looks purple next to that purple fabric. The purple...well, I just liked it so I got it to put in my stash!
I know I am slow with machine quilting but between taking mom to the doctor and therapy, not being able to stand too long because of my hip, and just family things, it does take me a little longer than usual. But I am almost finished with it now. I think about another 45 minutes of quilting and it will be finished. This is a customer quilt and I also need to do the binding. It will be done by hand so it will take a little longer. I also have one more for this lady to do. They are both very well pieced, that sure make it easier when quilting.
I've also been working on these little applique baskets. As of right now I have 22 blocks ready to do the machine applique. I want to get all of the blocks ready and then I will do all of the machine applique on them. That way I can sort them into colors and I will not have to change my thread as often in my machine. I still have several more to go before they are all finished. This is something that I can work on and not make a big mess right now while I am doing these customer quilts. Here is a cute photo of my little Hunter this morning before school. I can't believe how fast he is growing up. He is such a little sweetie.I am soooooo ready for Spring!!! I was thinking about it last night, I missed doing so much last year because of my fall. As soon as this weather breaks I want to start walking again to loosen up my hip and strengthen my leg. I would love to ride Storm too! I didn't get to ride at all last year, after my fall, horseback riding was not possible. I miss it so much! I want to get out and enjoy my animals and farm. And also as soon as this weather breaks we are going to bust our butts working on the house!!!! We really want to get moved in it sometime this year! So lots of work there! Anyway my mind is just in a whirlwind right now!

Better get back to quilting this quilt before I have to take mom for therapy!


Texan said...

As always your quitling is fantastic on the quilt!

I like that new purple fabric you got, looks like something I would pick out! :O)...

I am with you on spring, we are getting hit by some wicked cold temps right now.. I just came in from piling more hay on plants.. I don't know if some can take these kinds of temps.. grrrrr

Libby said...

Love the fabric!!! And your "award" You deserve it Girl! I LOVE to read your blog!!
Look at Hunter! What a little cutie!!

Narelle said...

Congratulations on being selected in the top 50 ... a great honour.
Good to know your mum is making progress and hope the pain lessens for her day by day.
Lovely quilting, sewing and purchases.

jillquilts said...

Congrats on the win! And good luck with getting on with sewing. I think you are doing fine with everything else going on. :) Love those fabrics and the baskets!

Honey Bear said...

Congratulations! I love your baskets. I have been doing some applique but always have trouble turning the edges under smoothly. Any advice?

Guðrún said...

I am ready for spring too.