Thursday, July 13, 2017

Pinwheels on Parade....step #2

 I did manage to get my 30 pinwheels sewn yesterday!  YAY!  I started on them early, then got sidetracked but was able to finish them up before bed.  Hopefully today I can get the next step finished or at least started.  I did promise Hunter that I would take him to town for a haircut.
 As I mentioned in my last post Richard's boss called and he ended up trading work days.  He was off yesterday and works today.  Yesterday Richard worked most of the day building an outbuilding for my mom, did some fence repair, aired up the tire on the riding mower, and a bunch of stuff like that.  Hunter worked for the neighbor weedeating around his pond.  Andrew...well...Andrew just works everyday.  LOL!  So while everyone was doing that stuff, I was canning Pickled Beets!  

I walked up to the small garden and noticed that ants were eating some of my beets so I just made the decision to pull them and can what I had.  I never did make it over to the big gardens.  LOL! 
 I had beets of all sizes...large and small.  I gave my chickens the greens and they loved them.
 This is a pic of the first batch!  I don't even remember how many jars that I ended up with.  I will count them as I put them in the pantry. 
 I tried out a new recipe for supper.  It was called "Beefy Broccoli Cheddar Burritos"  I know it sounds a little weird but they were really good and you could not even taste the broccoli in them.  I got the recipe from the back of a package of Knorr's Rice Sides.  Easy and simple.  I do get tired of fixing the same thing over and over so it was nice to try something new.  Richard said this was a "keeper"
I also made a fresh Raspberry Cobbler but didn't get a photo of it before they started digging in. 
 Hopefully after my daily chores, I can get some sewing done!  As I mentioned earlier, I also need to take Hunter to town for a haircut.  So maybe after all of that is done I can work on the next step of my quilt.  

First, I will need to draw diagonal lines on the beige squares and then make 48 flying geese units. 
 We are expecting rain today so hopefully Hunter and I can get our outside chores done before the rain hits.  As far as I know, nothing else in the garden is ready at this point.  It will all hit me at one time.  LOL!  That's how it works, but I am grateful for it all.  The only other things that I have in my gardens at this point are several different types of peppers, cucumbers, some lettuce, onions, green beans, tomatoes, corn, and potatoes.  Now when I talk about the small garden and the big garden, the big garden is out in the field and has 200ft rows!  LOL!  The big garden has my potatoes, corn, green beans, and tomatoes in it.  Yes, it has weeds but I can live with that.  LOL! 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I have a "baby garden" compared to yours LOL it is all I can handle. you stay so busy I wonder when you have time to sew, but I know like me I think you have your time organized and make time for all of it - a little here and a little there and things get done

---"Love" said...

I love pickled beets, and a friend of mine brought me a jar of pickled beets yesterday, and also some okra, cucumbers and tomatoes from her country garden. My son and DIL came over last night, and we enjoyed the home grown veggies, especially the fried okra and beets! I'm sure your pickled beets will be enjoyed too. I'm also sure you will make the time to get to work on your quilt! Your pin wheels are really pretty.---"Love"

Janet O. said...

My garden is tiny compared to yours--we actually let part of it go back to grass a couple of years ago because we couldn't keep up with it all. I admire all that you produce yourself!
You are an amazingly busy lady!