Friday, February 13, 2009

After The Storm!

I finally got my power back on!! The high winds from the tornadoes in Oklahoma were terrible! I lost power with the first gust of wind! So I have been without power for a few days! It came back on about 3pm today!

I guess no major damage, lots of trees on the fences, the roofing felt paper was ripped from the back side of our new house. But that can be fixed! Lost all of the food in the fridge, but the food in the deep freeze is fine! Mom lost her swimming pool! I was on the phone with her when it blew away! Her pool was a 18ft round above ground pool so now it is scattered everywhere! We still have to clean that up! The kids missed school yesterday because of so many trees down.

Here is a video that I took when the storm first started. If you look REALLY close, you can see a double rainbow! Of course, you could see it alot better in person!

No sewing for me that past few days. I started to do some hand sewing but just didn't have time. Giggle, I stayed very busy....I scrubbed some laundry out by hand and cooked on the fireplace! :) I really didn't have to, I could have went to the laundromat or picked up take out, but I didn't! I enjoyed doing it that way, as long as the power was not off too long! :)

Tomorrow being Valentine's Day, Richard bought me 2 pairs of PJ's! Chocolates, Roses, and he promised to watch "Gone With The Wind" with me! I love that movie and of course, he hates it! But he promised to watch it with me since it is Valentine's Day! The funny part is.....he is working late! I told him he was just trying to get out of watching it! :) But we will probably watch part of it tonight and the rest of it tomorrow! It is a loooooooong movie!



Michelle said...

So glad you are all safe and your power is back on. Wow, you sure lose it alot, don't you? I bet all the beauty the rest of the year makes it all worth it. Glad your house didn't get any more damage than it did.

Rhonda said...

Kristie, I'm so happy that your power is back on and I loved the double rainbow.
Take care.

Murdoc said...
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Murdoc said...

I'm so glad that you did not have a lot of major damage. I find myself paying attention to the weather in Kentucky in addition to my weather here in Texas. The contrast is unreal! It is so dry out here in central Texas you would not belive it. We are supposed to get some rain maybe tomorrow. I pray that we do! So what quilty things will you be working on?
Take care and be careful!!
Jacky O

February 13, 2009 6:51

Amelia said...

That wind can do so much damage...sorry to hear about your loss and your Moms.

Have a fun Valentines day...Richard id spoiling you....but I am spoiled too.

QuiltedSimple said...

Glad you got your power back on!! We had bad winds, everyone around us lost power but we didn't:( I'd have loved to cook on the woodstove and do laundry by hand! Have a great Valentine's Day! And a terrific weekend. THat double rainbow was really, really pretty!

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

I'm so glad you're all safe and sound with not alot of major damage. I was thinking about all of you when I heard about your weather. You'd have made a great pioneer gal.

Guðrún said...

I am glad that the power is back on, I hope there will not be any more of this bad weather this winter.

countrychicken said...

That wind was something else. Love the rainbow. Sounds like you are having a perfect Valentine's day -what could be better, chocolate, PJ's and a chick flick - exactly what I'm doing also tonight.