Saturday, February 28, 2009

Quilting Right Along...

I woke up sick this morning! :( I guess I have what Hunter had last week. I feel like "poo" but I have been taking some cold/flu medicine. I'm sure I will live! :) It has been a little cool here today and right now it is snowing. Richard made me stay inside all day! He is such a good hubby! I straightened up the house a little and then piddled around with my quilting stuff.

I have called mom a million times today checking on her. I'm sure I am driving her crazy but I just worry about her and worry that she may have gone back to work too soon.

I ironed all of my strip sets for my Pink Bargello that I have been making.

They I had to sew them all into "Tubes" and as you can see here, Donkey wanted to help me! :)

Then he finally tired out! :)

I now have them all sewn into "tubes" and I will spend the evening cutting them into strips again and they will be ready to be sewn into blocks. As I said before this quilt is for my sister, Chantal. She is coming out to my house tonight to spend the night! She doesn't quilt....yet but I will cut them up while she is here. She doesn't know that this quilt is for her but she'll never realize that it is until I tell her. She is so used to seeing me work on quilts that she will not think anything about it. But I am excited about spending some good "sissy time" with her too.

I have been sorting more scraps too! I think I will start making some of them into these little "primitive baskets" they are only 6 inch block so the actual basket is very small. Again this is one that I am in no big hurry finishing, just work on it as I have the scraps just like my 1/2 square triangles.

And after I get my "Pink Bargello" finished my friend Lisa and I plan on making this beautiful quilt! I have wanted to make it for a few years now. It is called "Burgoyne Surrounded" This is the photo of the antique quilt in the book. If you look real close you will see a mistake in the second block of the second row. Anyway, I have some Navy and cream poka dot fabric that I want to use for it and I guess the cream in the quilt, I will just use muslin. I have quiet a bit of muslin and that will save me from having to by any.
Well, it is about time for Chantal to come so I will leave you with another photo of Donkey....
I promise he has a head in there somewhere! :)


Amelia said...

That cat...he is quite the sewing partner.

Pink is so pretty for the quilt for Chantal. She will love it!

Hope you get to feeling better.

Belvie said...

Feel better soon!

My DH has the mess too. He is running low grade fever and say he feels like crap. I'm trying to stay away from him so maybe I can stay well.

About 6 inches of white stuff in my yard today. Heard a noise outside and my wonderful neighbor was on a 4-wheeler cleaning the snow off my drive. What a wonderful guy!

KyQuiltlady said...

I hope you GET WELL SOON! Don't look like Donkey is feelin no pain.I love the pink bargello. Hope you can come to Quilter's Day Out next Saturday. Monica, my daughter is going to be there giving massages. You better be getting all that piecing done before you get your quilting machine. It will all be put on hold with all the quilting.

Winona said...

Kristy, I hope you feel better soon. We have about 5 or 6 inches of snow on the ground today. Can you believe the biggest snow storm of the season so far for us and it comes on Feb. 28th? Enjoy your visit with you sister. I love the pinks you are using for her quilt.

Anonymous said...

I can wait to see Chatels finished quilt, Glad Hunter is better, and hope you feel better soon!
Hugs!! From a distance!!

Michelle said...

I hope you are feeling better by now. I can't wait to see the quilt finished, and I hope your mom is doing well.
Be blessed,

Yvette said...

Feel better, my friend. I sat next to a man at church tonight that was sicker than a dog. I told him if I got sick this week I was going to hunt him down. LOL!!

I just love your cat.

Guðrún said...

I hope you had a great time with your sister.

Jeanne said...

There seems to be a lot of that sick stuff going around. Hope you feel better soon. That basket is really cute and speaking of cute...Donkey! Great photos of him 'helping' and sleeping. How did he get that name?

Sara said...

I do hope you are feeling better and that you are the last in your house to get it! It is certainly no fun! Take care of yourself and enjoy your time with your sister.
I did see the mistake in that quilt, but it is really beautiful!

ANd I have to say that I just love Donkey. He is so funny, and I just wish I could have an indoor cat who I can imagine would be like him, all those funky positions!

QuiltedSimple said...

Donkey cracks me up every time I see him. What a great personality he has!