Tuesday, June 20, 2017

American Flag Quilt...finished

 Finished up this awesome quilt for a friend.  It was a fun little quilt top to quilt.  I also got the binding completely finished on it as well. 
 A close up of the quilting...
 It was backed with fleece which really shows the quilting.  I love the texture that fleece gives.
 Richard was off yesterday and did a few much needed things around the house.  Then he and Hunter went to pick up his bow (archery).  He had to have a new string and stuff on it.  Once he got home he target practiced for hours.  LOL!  

Then in the early evening we went out to the field to check on the big apple tree there.  There are 2 in that field and 5 or 6 in another place.  Anyway...the best apple tree out of all of them in loaded.  Of course it will be a while before they are ready but they are looking awesome!  I took a pic but it didn't turn out real well.  You can see a couple of apples in it but it really was loaded. 
 Today will be another busy day.  I have to run to town with mom this morning.  Then I need to finish up the Fancy Fox blocks or at least try.  :)  I also need to clean, laundry, fix supper....ya know...all of that stuff.  It never ends... but I absolutely love my life and my little family.  I am truly Blessed!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

nice to see your apples! My tree that I planted two or three years ago has about a dozen apples on it but I would say at least half look wormy - I got side tracked and didn't watch them closely I wasn't actually expecting apples this year - I guess next year I will need to spray them with something before they do this - have been reading up on it - so I will have decent apples!

Janet O. said...

With a loaded apple tree, I know there is a LOT more canning in your future. : )

Danette Stankovich said...

This is an awesome flag quilt!