Thursday, June 8, 2017

GRRR.... I'm so aggravated.

 I can't begin to tell you how aggravated that I am right now!  I should have had this quilt finished days ago.  If you remember, I am on a tight schedule this month.  Look what I am doing now...picking it out!  Yep! 
 I've been a longarmer for 8 or 9 years now and never have I ever had a pleat on the back until now!  Wouldn't you know, it had to happen now.  I don't understand how on earth that I did that.  You can see it in the pic below, it's huge!  Yes, I do use my side clamps and smooth everything out very smooth and keep the right tension so again, no clue how I ended up doing this. 
 So I was halfway through this huge quilt when I noticed it and I am having to pick out the whole left side of the quilt all the way to the beginning row.  I am just sick!  I have it about halfway picked out.  I am days behind now on quilting.  Once I get it picked out and quilt it again on that whole side, you will never be able to tell it but right now I just don't have time for this.  LOL!  I've had a horrible time quilting this quilt and it's not the quilt, it's me!  Everything that has gone wrong with it has been my fault...I'm just aggravated.  

Early this morning I will be going to the grocery store and feed store then come back home and finish picking it out.  Looks like I am going to have to spend a few nights doing an "all-night quilt marathon" to get some of this stuff back on track and finished. 

 Enough about that mess.  I now have 5 of the fox blocks done.  They are so fast and easy to do.  I'm shooting for a total of 20 or 25...not really sure yet.  They go together so quickly that you could easily piece the baby quilt in a day. 
 My MIL called yesterday evening.  She had a doctor's appointment and called to tell us the results of that.  A few months ago she had a heart attack and stayed with us for a bit.  She came home with a life vest and was a little nervous I guess of being alone at that point.  She says that she feels a lot better now but yesterday they removed her life vest and told her that she needed a pacemaker.  That procedure will be done in 2 weeks.  The doctor said that it is usually an out-patient procedure but he is going to keep her overnight just because she lives a good distance from the hospital.  

Richard has already left for work and it is now almost 6am.  I better cut this post off now because I plan on leaving around 6:30am for the grocery store and feed store.  LOL!  I always do my shopping as early as I possibly can since I am already up.  That way I can get it done and get back home before the day is gone.  I end up doing most of my grocery shopping at Walmart, then head on to Food City to get some of their sale items.  The feed store opens at 8am so I can be back home well before 9am.  :)


julieQ said...

I am so sorry...that is frustrating!! God is slowing you down for something, I guess!!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sorry for the mistake in the quilting and glad you found it before you took it completely off the frame. Sounds like you are really busy and didn't have time for that.

---"Love" said...

Hope after getting your morning errands finished that you've now finished the ripping, and have had a good afternoon of getting going again on the quilting! I think we've all had our share of ripping at one time or another; not fun! ---"Love"

Janet O. said...

Sounds really maddening, Kristie! Hope you can get the unpicking finished up and move forward without more drama.
My brother just had a pacemaker put in this week. They kept him overnight, too. Hope all goes well for her when she has her procedure.