Monday, June 26, 2017

Fancy Fox is Quilted and the Weekend

Are you tired of seeing this quilt yet?  LOL!  I finally got it quilted!  YAY!  I did a simple stipple on it.
 I still need to clip some threads on it.  Today I will get the binding done.  I didn't post this on my FB page because this is a surprise gift later in July. 
 Look how huge these blackberries are next to regular size raspberries!  These are my Kiowa Blackberries and they are so sweet and juicy.  They are delicious!  Richard has picked a little over 6 quarts of raspberries this weekend and we will have more ready soon.  
Now to catch you up on my weekend!  It was eventful that's for sure!  LOL!  I always type out my blog post the night before so my last post that posted on Saturday morning was actually typed Friday night and scheduled to automatically post Saturday morning that being said...Friday night after scheduling that post we had really heavy storms and we lost power.  That is not at all what I needed with my busy schedule that I had just posted about.  LOL!  It finally came back on late Saturday night.  Needless to say, this delayed my quilting that I needed to do.  

Sunday was our homecoming dinner after Church.   It was an awesome Church service and there were so many people in our little Church that they had to bring out folding chairs and set them in the isles.  I loved that!  So there was a nice crowd for dinner.  We were sitting there eating and someone came over to Richard and quickly mumbled something about needing him for help.  He jumps up and follows.  There was an older man that had collapsed.  Richard checked him out and after a few questions he found out he was a diabetic and his blood sugar had bottomed out.  Richard being Richard, quickly grabbed a small piece of peanut butter fudge out of the preacher's plate!  LOL!  Of course, he hadn't taken a bite off of it.  LOL!  He was sitting there and he just grabbed it.  LOL!  So the guy started feeling much better and ended up eating his meal.  The ambulance finally got there and checked his blood sugar and at that point it was 236 and he had just eaten.

After we got home, I quilted the Fox quilt and Richard had to run to a friends house from Church.  His Jeep broke down.  :(  Something else that we didn't need!  He left the Jeep at James' house and James brought him back home instead of me going to get him.  Richard will be taking my vehicle to work tomorrow and picking up the part after work.  Not sure when he will change the part but I'm sure he will get to it soon because my vehicle uses more gas than his Jeep.  LOL!  I love that he is multi-talented!  

Hunter had a friend come home with us after Church to spend the night and then we also had a nice little visit from my sister, BIL, and my precious niece, Addison.  

So I will start the week out by playing catch up.  I'm not going to stress over it, I'm just going to get done what I can and just go with the flow...


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sounds like Richard is on the clock 24-7 :) when people know you have medical knowledge you are called! and I guess when you know a little of other things as well!

Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

Your fox quilt is absolutely adorable! I would never get tired of looking at that. It sounds like you had a busy weekend. --Andrea

Janet O. said...

The fox quilt turned out so cute. You made that so quickly my mind can't grasp it. But then I plod along at a snail's pace, so everyone else seems fast! : )
Those berries have my mouth watering. Ours are still hard little green things.
What a weekend you had. Life never seems dull in your neck of the woods (literally). Your hubby is a talented man in so many ways, it seems.
I hope you can go with the flow and not let it stress you. That will help the BP, right?

---"Love" said...

Your quilting looks great on your foxes. My dad had black berry bushes, but we never had raspberries. Wish I had enough of both for a cobbler! You are very lucky to have such a talented husband, but he is lucky too, to have a wife as talented as you! Remind him of that occasionally! *giggle* Maybe both of you should have a mid-week slow down! ---"Love"