Saturday, June 24, 2017

Fancy Fox Finished and Planning my Busy Week

 I finally got this baby pieced!  YAY!!!!  Today I will quilt it and do the binding.  I really enjoyed this little quilt.
 Not sure yet what quilting design that I will use on it.  I plan on using a grey Glide thread.
 I will be using a matching Minkee backing which is extra soft.  I love using that for baby quilts.
 Friday while Hunter and I were out doing our shopping for 2 weeks, I bought some fabric that was on CLEARANCE!!!  If you know me, you know that I don't tend to buy fabric.  I would love to but there always seem to be something else that comes up.  I know that none of these really match but most of them were .50 - $1 per yard except for the two on the end.  I got a total of 8 yards for less than $12.  I figure I will just mix them in my stash.
 These 2 are my favorites!  They were not on clearance so I only got 1/2 yard of each of them. 
 I have a dear friend, Kris that lives in South Dakota.  She is the one that came to visit last year.  She recently retired and has not wasted any time getting back to quilting.  She has an amazing stash of fabrics.  Anyway, for the past few weeks she has really been burning up finishing some UFO's and piecing some that has been on her list to do for a while.  We were talking Thursday night and seeing all that she has been doing has really inspired me to want to work more on some of my own stuff.  So I went upstairs and dug out 2 kits that I knew I had.  You've probably seen these before as I've had them for years.  I just wanted to look at them and see if I would want to work on them after we come back from vacation.
 You know me, I may end up changing my mind before now and then but after vacation I would like to finish up my Garlic Knots and maybe one of these kits.  Right now I am leaning towards the bottom one.  

This going to be a super busy week.  I need to...
          1.  Quilt and bind the Fox quilt.

          2.  Quilt and bind a queen size quilt.

          3.  Quilt and bind a full size quilt.  

All of this needs to be done by FRIDAY!!!  Did I mention that I do all of my bindings by hand.  I also need to finish cleaning my house, pack everyone for vacation, and bake Hunter a birthday cake as Friday is his birthday!!!  Oh and this Sunday is our big homecoming dinner at Church so I need to cook for that as well.  Shew....  I don't actually have the queen size quilt yet but she is supposed to bring it to me Tuesday.  Wish me luck!!!  I have a feeling that I am going to need this vacation...

We had some very heavy rain yesterday evening and Richard was afraid it would beat our berries off.  He got out there and picked the ripe ones in the rain.  LOL!  
 I love that we can just go pick them on our own property.  We have a huge patch of raspberries and a bunch of blackberries too.  He threw a few of those in there as well.  I baked him a big raspberry cobbler last night and put the rest in the freezer.  We have a bunch more that are not ripe yet. 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you will have a busy week for sure! I find I have enough of my own quilting without doing quilting for other people - I just wouldn't have time for my own - you are always so busy - I don't know how you do it all!

---"Love" said...

I don't know how you do all you do either! You certainly deserve a vacation; I hope you get to rest some of the time and not just running crazy to see and do everything in the vacation area. You made a steal on your pretty fabrics! Sit down now and take a 15 minute break! ---"Love"

Janet O. said...

I'm stressed just reading what you have left to do before vacation. No wonder your blood pressure won't behave! : )
That fox quilt came together quickly, IMHO. Looks good!
Oh, yum, those berries make my mouth water! Ours aren't on yet, so I will have to keep buying at the store. : (
Hope you can finish what needs doing without too much trouble, and enjoy your vacation.

julieQ said...

Goodness!! That is a crazy busy week! Love your foxy quilt; it is just darling!

Gayle said...

Your fox quilt is SO cute! I made the hedgehog quilt by the same talented designer - she has lots of fun animal patterns!

ruthsplace said...

Love the fox quilt! What a great bargain with the fabric your found. I never see fabric for that price.

Have I mentioned I'm jealous of your berries? What a wonderful think to have growing in your backyard. Though I have bananas, so I guess there are some compensations for my climate.