Sunday, June 4, 2017

Busy Day...

I worked hard yesterday getting everything ready to load this beautiful quilt top on the longarm.  This is the beautiful hexie quilt made by my SIL, Kellie.  I didn't have it loaded on in this pic so I will post a full pic of it soon.  All fabrics in this quilt are from the Paisley Park line.
 I carefully cut, pinned and pieced the backing for it.  I'm always nervous that I will cut it wrong. 
 This is the yardage that she got for the backing.  It is from the same Paisley Park line and also used in the quilt top.  The binding will also be out of this. 
 Took a little break and prepped some coffin pieces.  I really need to think of a different name for this quilt because "coffin" just sounds weird.  LOL!
 I also played around and pieced this hexie flower from 1/2" hexie papers.  I have it with a 1" hexie...big difference. 
 I had this fabric laying on my cutting table and it had already been squared up and the border fabric cut so I pinned the borders and sewed them on.  Nothing fancy, but I like to have something like this if I might need it for a last minute gift or something.  I also occasionally get a call from someone looking for a last minute gift as well. 
 Here's a closeup of the fabric.  I think it's cute for a little boy. 
 Looking at my planner and this is going to be a busy month!  All of the blue post-its are days that I need to quilt!  The little gold stars are days that Richard works.  :)  I have a few doctor appointments thrown in there too but they are behind the post-its.  :) 
 I snapped this pic yesterday evening while sitting on the front porch swing.  This makes this momma happy!  Andrew actually got off work early for once and the boys were out shooting their bows.  This was some much needed "brother time" 
I guess I had better wrap this post up.  Just having my morning coffee and need to start getting ready for Church soon.


Anonymous said...

How about "double trapezoid" or "smooshed hexagon"? (I don't like the "coffin" name either.

Janet O. said...

I love the Paisley Park collection.
Before I read Dora's comment, I was thinking "squished hexie" for the shape--or maybe "slim hexie". : )
Nice that the boys enjoy each others company.