Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Coloring Book Caddy

In between all of my running around today I did manage to sew a little. I made this "Coloring book caddy" for Hunter. I just used some fabric that I had here at home. I plan on making a couple more of them. One for my niece and nephew. She is 5 and he is 18 months. I think on his I will change it to hold the large crayons. And I will sew the strip that holds the crayons in a coresponding fabric. I just didn't really have anything that went very well with this Batman fabric. Anyway, Hunter loves it.

I check Andrew out of school early today so that he could go to Hunter's school with me. He wanted to go see some of his friends and old teachers. He and one of his old teachers sat and played the guitar the whole time. Andrew took his guitar over there so they could play. They had a blast!

Hunter's party went great. I don't know how some of the teachers stand it. Those kindergardener's were WILD! They got a few gifts and lots of snacks (CHOCOLATE) Maybe the chocolate is what made them so wild. The teachers loved their gifts that Hunter and I made. The teacher's aide in Hunter's class bought them all gifts. The girls got baby dolls and the boys got remote control cars. She even put the batteries in them, so I thought that was nice. That is when it got really wild. All of the boys had their cars running around all over the classroom.

We haven't been home too long. Richard got home about 10 minutes after we did. So now I am just trying to fix some quick cheeseburgers for dinner. The boys are off school now until January 2nd.


Moneik said...

Kristie -
I love the little bag. I had good intentions of getting one similar done, but it is at the bottom of my list. Not enough time in the day! I'm sure Hunter loves it.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Hunters little coloring bag is so cute and what a great idea. If I could only be a kid again and be off of school for the Christmas holiday.

Jen said...

That coloring bag is awesome. But tell me....does he actually keep the crayons in their spots or do they end up at the bottom of the bag?

Gina said...

love the bag.

Aren't school parties wild. Gemma's always were. I think the reachers enjoy winding the kids uo and then sending them home for the parents to cope.

Gemma finishes school on Friday and she'd off until Jan 8.

love and hugs xxx