Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A little bit of decorating

After the boys got home from school today and did their homework we decided to start decorating for Christmas. For some reason I just really haven't been in the Christmas spirit and had only planned on putting up a tree. Then last night mom gave Hunter a couple of little decorations and he sat there looking at them for hours. That really got me and I told myself that I really needed to decorate for the kids. So I drag out the decorations from the outbuilding and Hunter had a blast. The fireplace is about all that we got decorated tonight. Well Hunter sat a bunch of other decorations out but I will have to sort through them later. So here is a photo of the fireplace. I wanted to hang our matching stocking but Hunter insisted on these. We will put up the tree this weekend. My artificial tree broke last year so I had to throw it away. I think this year we are going to go with a real tree.

Oh, that is a "Wild Boar" hanging over the fireplace. Andrew killed it a few years ago. Richard went with him since they get so mean after they are shot. They had a great time hunting.

Went out to Mom's this evening. She has already started packing to leave on Friday. We decided to celebrate Christmas with Mom January 6th. She comes home on the 5th so we are all going to meet at her house on Saturday.

No sewing for me today. Just really can't get in the mood. I guess no one will recieve a "quilty gift" from me this year. I can't seem to get with it this year. There is always next year I guess. Hopefully I will get an earlier start then.


Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Your decorations have now put me in the mood. Of course I still have to rearrange furniture and then bring everything out.

Gina said...

I think it's probably about time I made a start decorating aswell.
Perhaps we'll go out and buy a new tree today.

love and hugs xxx

Jen said...

The last few years, we get our little tree up, it's pre-lit and then nothing else ends up on it besides new ornaments that we accuire! How's that for Lazy?

Moneik said...

Oh the decorations look so beautiful. You've got me thinking I need to get busy and decorate! I am in the process of making the tree skirt and I think we are going home to cut a tree next weekend.

Amelia said...

I am sure that Andrew was excited in shooting that wild boar.

I do have my decorations up - but not as many as last year.Just did not want to put out anymore. I think one thing is that I am getting tired of some of them. So after christmas hit the stores for the big discounts on some new items...expecially a new tree (with lights on it).