Thursday, December 20, 2007

Machine Trouble......again

I sat down to sew this afternoon and once again my needle would not move side to side for the seam allowance adjustment. So I tore it back apart and couldn't see anything broke or loose. Now it did the same thing a few weeks ago and I dropped it trying to take it apart and then it started working again fine after the drop. I looked at everything and seemed like everything else worked, so I thought I would wait until Richard got home and have him to look at it. I heard is truck coming up the road and I turned the knob one last time and it WORKED!!!! I was so mad. Well, I was only mad for a second and then thrilled that it worked.
I was ready to take Richard up on his offer of a new machine, but I just really hate to spend the money right now. I don't have alot of money in this machine, only $250 but I do like how it sews. I have probably sewn over 100 quilt tops among other things on it. I think it is just worn out. I did order a new Juki a few weeks back but then turned around just a couple minutes later and canceled it. So I may end up ordering another one soon. But I will still try to get old faithful fixed. I really do like this machine and right now it is sewing fine. But the mood has left me....I don't think I want to sew now!!!

Oh, the boys and I took Ida Belle to the vet this morning. He said she was doing great! 11 1/2 wks old and now weighs 20 lbs. The vet said she was 20lbs of pure love and I was thinking you don't live with her, she is 20 lbs of hell!


Gina said...

You want to try living with an 80 pound destructive force. He's currently snoring his head off and i can't hear the radio.

love and hugs xxx

Michelle said...

Oil anything that moves, except any nylon gears, while you have it apart. Look for broken threads and pull them out. Us some white grease or vaseline on your nylon gears. Then, when it is still apart, run it for awhile and make sure you got every little joint oiled. If you have sewn that many quilt tops and haven't oiled it regularly, that could be your problem. Amazing what just a little oil will do. Good luck! I enjoy that you are adventurous enough to look for the problem! You are MY kind of girl!

Jen said...

Oh Kristie that is HILARIOUS!!!!