Thursday, December 13, 2007

In Need Of A Little TLC...

My little Hunny Bun has a "Horsey Quilt" that I made for him when he was a baby. He is now 5 1/2 and is still very attached to this quilt. The only place that this quilt doesn't go with him is to school. It is very worn but very loved. This is probably the most important quilt that I have ever made, at least I know that it is loved more than any other. It is a crib size quilt with a piced horse head in the center. I hand quilted it, which didn't take too long since it is only a crib size.

This quilt has been through everything in the world. Dragged through the mud, vomited on, anything you name it, it has been through it. Now it is in need of repair. I knew it was getting shabby, but when I got it out of the dryer a few minutes ago, I really realized that I needed to do something before it gets any worse and he is not ready to give it up yet.

You can see it has several holes in it and the binding is shot. I have more of this brown fabric but of course the quilt is so faded that it doesn't even look the same. I will eventually replace the binding, but what do you think is my best bet to do for the holes????

Of course he has several other quilts but none of them will ever take the place of this one. I never knew when I was making it that he would love it so much.

Okay, now on to something else....I had Christmas Dinner with Hunter this morning at school. He enjoyed it so. After leaving school, I drove on in to town. I had a mammogram this afternoon. They said it would be a few days before I got my results back. But one thing for certain, those things hurt!

I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow in Ashland, which is about a 1 1/2 hour drive. It is an appointment that I dread! I will post about it later since it will take a while to explain it all.


Guðrún said...

I think you will have to rebind it! It is so nice when the quilts you make are USED.

Amelia said...

I agree - just rebind it.

I always tell people when I give them a quilt - "Use it - but don't abuse it". I don't want them to just put it "up"...but then don't let be used to dry the dog off after he had been in the mud.

Jen said...

Re-bind it, but as far as the rips...thats a tough one. What if you just tack them down as best you can; maybe zig zag? I suppose you could try to free motion quilt over those areas just to stablize it a bit and take the stress off the remaining seams. I've been thinking about doing this to a flannel quilt of mine.

Good luck at the Dr. tomorrow.

Moneik said...

I would re-bind it and where the holes are, put a little steam a seam in and iron it to hold. Maybe do a little slip stitch to hold it together. Hope your appointment goes well tomorrow.

Gina said...

If the holes are on the back then just put a new back on over the original and re bind it.

love and hugs xxx