Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Donkey's Home!!!!

Thank God, my baby came home!!! I cried the whole way home with him!! I won't go in a lot of deal of the procedure but I think the vet was even grossed out with it. Here he is when I got him out of the carrier. As you can see he is still loopy from being put to sleep.
I will not do a close up because it looks so bad but he has several stitches right at the left of his tail. That was where the bite was and they had to remove that area because of the infection and stitch the hole up. As you can see, he also has two drains. This is the way that he has been since we got home. Like I said he is just too out of it to move and he also has had lots of pain medication. Poor guy, I sure do love him. Anyway, unless something happens, he goes back to the vet in 5 days to have it flushed out again. I'm sure glad he is home and on the mend.
I snapped this photo at the vet's office. Nice little animal quilt design on his building!!!
I did sew two blocks yesterday and I will post those in a few days. Not sure when I will be sewing because right now, I have to take care of my big baby and see if I can get him to eat. He has lost so much weight during all of this mess.


Libby said...

Bless his heart!!! I'm glad that he made it through the surgery! He looks pitiful! Wonder how long it will be before he rips that collar off??
When we had Ruby "fixed" she lost alot of weight too..we got her to drink that milk that they make for kittens when the mother cat wont feed them. Maybe it will work for Donkey.

Suzan said...

Kristie - the exact same thing happened to one of my cats several years ago. He hid under the bed until we dragged him out and discovered a nasty abscess. Our vet did the same kind of procedure and he was fine. We also learned that we had to keep him indoors after that. Apparently male cats that have been neutered have those kinds of wounds when attacked by another male cat. (The neutered ones turn to run and get bitten or clawed just above their tails.)

Andrea said...

Just had to come and have a quick check to see how little Donkeys doing - poor little thing. Really sounds like he's had a bad time. Let's hope he makes a full recovery- I'm sure he will. Cats are really quick healers - my Marley had a nasty absess on his head just a couple of weeks ago and once it was cleaned up and he stayed in for a couple of days he was fine. We have a new cat in our street and I think he is a little aggressive. Marley is having a few scratches here and there. Hopefully they will learn to give each other a wide berth.

Yvette said...

Poor Donkey! I feel so bad for him. I don't think he will ever want to go outside again.

Texan said...

Hope Donkey makes a full recovery without any further issues... poor fella

We laid in bed last night listening to dogs barking somewhere, well after the Christmas Day event, we got up honeyman went out with the gun to check the goats. Luckily the dogs were far away the night air was just really carrying the sound. Stray animals are such a problem!

Mama Koch said...

I think Donkey wants to stay in the house from now on. It's warmer and a lot safer inside!

jillquilts said...

I hope that he is doing better now! Man, I miss so much when I can't read blogs and answer emails... UGH!