Sunday, January 2, 2011

Well, Heck Ole Betsy!

Yep! "Heck Ole Betsy" is something that I say all of the time when I get excited! :) Anyway, I was thumbing through the channels on the tv and I think it was on the PBS channel or something, I ran onto a show called "America Sews with Sue Hausmann" Now I have never watched this so I watched it as I was cleaning the living room. I know that I need another project like I need another hole in my head but I thought this was the neatest thing!

A Patchwork Rug!!!! So I got on the internet and looked up her show and found the exact directions to post on here. Maybe some of you all would like to have the directions too! I will certainly be making some of these for my new house!!!!


Libby said...

What a cute rug! Now, why didnt we think of that?

Texan said...

Cute rug, lots of possibilities there for sure! Thanks!

The baby hoodie is cute too, would be a great gift!

craftycherry said...

Yes it is lovely , in the sea, in the pool, but it is just so hot when youre elsewhere and the garden has to be dug, chickens to sort out etc so half the time we are walking around in a sweaty blurry haze dehydrated and ready to collapse. it is at those times that I think that sewing in front of a blazing fire with the world frozen outside would be just fine!
I love your quilts, the first one you sold with the windmill crosses things on it I have made myself following first seeing yours. I have yet to actually quilt it though...just that and four others to quilt!!
Love Cherry

Honey Bear said...

I made some patchwork rugs a few years back using some fabric samples. They feel like a velour type and are nice and thick. I backed them with denim.

Guðrún said...

I would love to make some rugs. Last summer I bought a crochet needle number 10 to make rugs but haven´t tried yet!