Saturday, January 8, 2011

North Star Block #2

I just finished up my North Star block! This is block #2 for the Civil War Quilt Block a Week! Check out the blog such interesting History to go along with it! I'm loving this!!

Early this morning I went to the dreaded grocery store! :( That drives me crazy but I guess that is a part of life. And the worst part is putting it all away when you get home. Anyway it is done, my block is done and now it is nap time! LOL! Just a little nap and then I will be back up and clean the house some before we settle down for our movie night. Well, Hunter and Richard watch a movie and I will sit here and do a little bit of sewing but at least I will be in the same room. :)



Libby said...

No wonder I thought of you when I saw that site!! You had already been there and blogged about it!!
I am loving your Civil War blocks!!

Tazzie said...

You're right up to date too! I was waiting up for the next block last night, and when it was posted I raced into the sewing room :-)
Love the fabris you've chosen, you have such a lovely stash!

Yvette said...

Oh no! I just love these blocks. Yours looks great.

jillquilts said...

Your block looks good! And I am enjoying the stories on the blog, too. I don't think that I will get to making the quilt, but I will still be following the blog. :)