Monday, January 3, 2011

Life On The Farm and a little sewing!

I had such plans for today but seems like I just could not get my butt in gear. :( Hunter went back to school today and Richard left early to help some friends do some stuff so I had so many plans for today since it would just be me. First off, I planned on jumping in and cleaning up the house and sort through this pile of fabrics. But that never happened. This pile has a few blocks in it, fabrics pulled for various projects, some fabrics that just haven't been put away yet and lots of scraps! I guess I will just have to save this for another day. The bad part is.....this isn't the only pile of this that I have. Everything is just a mess.

So my day went pretty much like this...Got Hunter and Richard up early, fixed breakfast and got them both out the door. Took a few minutes to feel sorry for myself because I was alone, got a shower, watched some tv, took a nap, washed a few dishes, did 2 loads of laundry, took another nap, started supper, and that was pretty much it!!! Nothing that I had planned really got done. Oh well, I guess life goes on.

I did do a few more triangles while I watched tv this morning. Still working on those 600 needed for Bonnie's Mystery. I'm really liking this quilt!

I snapped this little photo of Smokey after our nap, he really needs a haircut! :)
Oh and I kept forgetting to post a photo of Cocoa the milk goat! I took these while I had the dogs out to pee. I didn't really get any good photos of her. She is such a sweet little thing and has the best goat's milk. Some goat's milk has a real strong taste to it but not hers. Can't really tell a difference between it and store bought whole milk. I haven't bought milk since we have had her. Now that the holidays are over and my hip is not as bad as it was, I plan on making some butter, cheese and maybe some soap! I'm kind of excited about that. Anyway she is a Lamancha goat, we are planning on having her bred soon.
Her utters are not big right now because we are trying to dry her up until we have her bred. But usually they almost drag the ground.
Richard and Hunter are already in the bed so I took some time to sew this block. Barbara Brackman has started a new blog called Civil War Quilts. She is doing a free sampler that will have something like 52 blocks, one a week. I'm really loving this too!
Tomorrow morning, mom has physical therapy so I will be taking her for that. So that will tie my morning up but I can't think of a better way to spend it....spending time with momma!!! I really need to get some small projects gathered up to work on while she is having her therapy and I am waiting on her. May have to dig those up this week.
Well, I guess I'm off to's 9:20PM :)


Yvette said...

Your day sounds great to me. I would love a nap! LOL!

STOP STARTING THESE WONDERFUL BOM'S!!!! I am trying sooo hard to resist and get weak when I see your blocks. This one is just great! I love civil war fabrics.

Libby said...

I knew you would be sad today with Hunter going back to school! Sometimes you just have to have a day to do nothing! Even though, really, you got a good bit done! I love that Civil War block!

Rhonda said...

You might not have gotten to what you had planned but you did alot of work......and you did make a block.....I'm thinking about doing the Civil War blocks but it's weekly and I know myself very well...... ;-}

jillquilts said...

The BOM is very tempting to me, too! lol

And don't worry about cleaning. It will be there for you tomorrow! HA!

Guðrún said...

That Civil war Quilts blog is very interesting.