Thursday, January 6, 2011

Not as productive as yesterday...

Today was not as productive as yesterday but I did get a little bit of sewing done. Mom had physical therapy this morning and let's just say she didn't want to go! But while she was having her physical therapy I went upstairs to visit my sister at her work (it is in the same medical building) then I went out to the car which was parked directly in front of the physical therapy office, and sewed the binding down on these 4 pot holders! I know it would be much faster and easier to do them by machine because they are JUST pot holders but I really do enjoy sewing binding.

Speaking of pot holders.....a few nights ago I called mom and the conversation went like this....

Me: Hi mom, whatcha doin?

Mom: (laughing) taking orders!

Me: What????

Mom: Well.....Chantal and Crystal (her best friend) want some pot holders and rice bags.

Me: Okay....why? and how many?

Mom: Crystal wants 2 sets of pot holders and 2 LARGE rice bags and Chantal wants a small rice bag, a LARGE rice bag and 50 pot holders! (laughing)

Me: WHAT????????? 50?????

So anyway, I don't' guess she wants 50 but she does want a bunch of them! :) I guess she plans on having her own place someday...maybe soon. (She and boyfriend getting pretty serious)

I had planned on making some for me too, so I guess for now I will just start sewing up a few at a time for us all! I already gave mom 4 of them, she seemed to like them too. So I guess you will see plenty of them on my blog in the months to come!

It is snowing her right now, just started about 20 minutes ago. It looks soooo pretty! I just hope that we don't get very much because Richard has to drive up to Prestonsburg to get his books for this semester! It starts on Monday!! :)

Hunter came in from school, ate and fell asleep within about 15 minutes! He is sooooo tired! He did the same thing yesterday. I think it is catching up with him where he was staying up so late during Christmas break. At least I hope that is why...



jillquilts said...

Any sewing is better than none! I did none today! lol

I bet Hunter is just going through a growth spurt. Don't they sleep a lot during those?

Joanne said...

The pot holders look great - I love hand sewing binding too.
Seems like you are going to be busy.♥

Darla said...

We are expected to get some snow by us here in northwest WI today. It's been quite cold (below 0) in the night. The potholders you have been making are so charming :) I can see why ours would be putting their orders in for them.

Libby said...

I love those potholders!!
I agree with you, I bet Hunter is catching up from Christmas break...and he may be going through a growth spurt! I know he looks taller and he has lost his chubby baby cheeks!
Enjoy your snow! We have our fingers crossed for some on Sunday Night!

Rhonda said...

Kristie, do you put anything special inside your potholders????